Meet our friend Beara Beara!

 Beara Beara Giveaway! Greetings to our lucky winner @jennifer_joy. Gorgeous Amanda Bag is on it's way to you! 



We have discovered a wonderful brand a while ago hand-crafting timeless bags for women and men with an even more beautiful story behind. Meet our lovely friends Beara Beara



Based in London yet creating beauty straight from Bolivia, Beara Beara mesmerizes with attention to detail and experienced craftsmanship passed from a generation to generation that you can feel straight away when holding the final product. It is fascinating to get to know how the founder of the company Jake Bullough found a small and struggling local leather bag business run by Julia when travelling through Latin America and saw a way to improve and expand it while helping a number of local families with employment. This beautiful vision grew into today’s Beara Beara team that works closely together as if a big family and spreads beauty and powerful message of unity into the whole World. 



Beara Beara carries important values that companies live by everyday encouraging discovery of a personal style in the times of trend and hype culture, supporting adventure and opportunity, highlighting ambition, generosity, and, of course, community, the foundation of everything. We love seeing genuine and pure kindness as well as beauty shining through the words and creations of Beara Beara. It inspires us to explore the path of timeless even more connecting people through beauty and love.

It’s amazing how Son de Flor dresses and Beara Beara bags go together! It only proves that timeless and slow fashion can be the key to class, individuality and universal beauty. Find all of Beara Beara gorgeous creations here. 


We feel inspired, amazed and happy! So grateful to find soulmates even on the other side of the World!
P.s. Thank you our gorgeous Dominique @karayiib for beautiful photos showcasing the harmony of Pinafore Dress in Terracotta Red and Amanda Navy Bag together!