How to lighten up your day at home?

We are so thrilled about spring finally entering our lives with warmth and revival which sparks energy and motivation. Even though pandemic situation in the world is still present which affects our everyday, we truly believe that the better days are just around the corner. Until then there are many little things that can lighten your day when staying at home. These things are nothing very new but they are something that helps to uplift yourself and spark joy. 


Dress up

Why not putting your favourite linen dress on? Maybe tie your hair in some special way and get ready for your new day that brings with it new beginnings and new opportunities. Looking put together and festive can really affect your mood and uplift you to be better that day and inspire others.


There are many advantages that journaling brings when done everyday. It helps to recognize your fears, emotions, troubles and act on them later. Moreover, it provides and opportunity for positive self-talk which helps to maintain a positive way of thinking. What makes journaling even more relaxing is lighting up a candle or natural incense Palo Santo to set up the mood even more.


Do something you enjoy

We often get so busy with our work and daily responsibilities that we forget to spend some time on the things we feel good going and that inspires us in our lives. That might be anything: cooking, sewing, playing tennis outside with your friends or even blowing bubbles with little ones in your backyard. Let yourself to schedule some time for the activity that is truly enjoyable and give into it with your mind and soul.


There is so much power in the setting the positive mood of the day that affects you directly.  It completely depends on how you want to spend time and it completely pays-off.


Invest some time for your body and mind and they will thank you for it later!

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