Lotus Loungewear: Magic of It

Lotus is a magical flower growing in the mud, far away from the sun. A lotus seed can withstand thousands of years without water, thus it’s so magical. It overcomes all the obstacles on its way that seem to be impossible and fights its way through reaching the light.

Lotus has a special meaning in many different cultures, especially in eastern religions. It’s a symbol of purity, enlightenment, self-regeneration and rebirth. It’s a perfect inspiration for us to believe in beauty everywhere having its roots in the dirtiest of waters yet blooming and being one of the prettiest flowers.


Linen Loungewear


In Buddhism, Buddha is sometimes illustrated sitting on a Lotus flower which symbolizes the one who overcome the pain in the material world and become enlightened, just like Lotus which starts growing in the mud but manages to transform into expression of pure beauty.

Due to Lotus being such a magical flower we named our Linen Loungewear collection after it. Lotus Loungewear represents beauty of linen for every day. On rainy days, you can put on Lotus Trousers with Lotus Shirt and spend it cozy at home with your family watching films and cooking delicious food.


Linen Loungewear


For warmer weather, you can put on Lotus Shorts that fit your body wonderfully. It’s so easy to style it, just match it with Lotus Shirt and that’s it -  our linen Loungewear hugs you snugly and lets your body breath freely at the same time.  

Linen Loungewear


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