Layering Clothes: Women's Fashion

Can you feel the weather showing subtle signs of warmth and revival? Even though spring is just around the corner, it will take a bit of time till we can see and feel it. For all of us, fond of layering, it's a great gap in the year when we can create lovely artistic looks with quite a few layers to keep not only warm and cozy, but also beautiful and authentic!

We have prepared a few ideas on how you could layer Son de Flor linen & wool garments this season. Find all of them in our latest Layering Collection and let's discuss one in more detail! 

Elisa Dress in Marigold is among the favorite dresses among our clients! Can we wear the dress in colder days, even though the color is more summer friendly? Yes! If it's still grey outside, be the sunshine with your Elisa Dress in Marigold and add some positive energy to your day.  

What’s next? Put on a vest! Dahlia Vest in Autumn Brown frames the dress perfectly and adds an accent to it.

It’s time for some wool. What colder weather is without a sweater? Let’s make it colorful as well. Riverside Sweater in Deep Blue makes it interesting and stylish. 

Finally, to complete the look add a scarf or a shawl. You can wrap it around your shoulders or your neck. Palisandra Shawl in Autumn Brown greatly serves this purpose. 

In the end, you have a complete look of classy and timeless fashion which is great for everyday, feels soft for your skin and is friendly for our nature.

We've also played with other styles in our Layering Collection, among which our Classic Jacket in Blue TartanClassic Skirt in Rosemary Green and a few others! Drop by to see our ideas and don't hesitate to share yours in comments below!