And our Giveaway Winner is....

We feel so grateful for all of you, who dedicated their time and attention to participate in our St. Valentines Day Giveaway to win our Classic Dress in Red Poppy along with a 200 EUR Gift Card to shop at Son de Flor. 

For the sake of this lovely Giveaway we also challenged Vaida to give us some tips while quarantined at home on how she styles her Classic Dress in Red Poppy. And take a look what she prepared:



We'd highly appreciate your tips on how you style your linen Son de Flor garments to keep our team and the rest of the community inspired! 

And now, ladies & gentlemen, our warmest greetings and congratulations with all the gifts go to Therese (@tsomitradgard), whom we will shortly contact and hopefully bring a wide smile on this Valentine's Day!

Thank you all for participating! No worries if it's not your lucky day this time, it means it's still in the future! Stay positive and happy and enjoy the SALE which we are holding for another lovely winter week! 

Love, Son de Flor 


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  • Therese Hjalmarsson

    OH MY GOD! Did I just WIN???

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