Probably, the first time in my 37 years the months of January & February were so smooth, full of patience for myself, beautiful self-talk and growth. I am so happy I managed to walk the talk thanks to the release of our Linen Loungewear Capsule, which ignited more focus on the Self during this winter hibernation period in wait for the Spring.

Of course, I cannot deny the beauty of Winter, which was breath-taking this year and added up to positive vibes, however, the conscious choice to use this time for inner auditing, self-care and self-love was a great decision and I am planning to repeat this yearly.

Besides getting rid of some unhealthy habits, like drinking less Café Latte and more water, starting my mornings with some stretching exercises & learning to take myself for a walk with anxiety knocking on the door, I managed to read some beautiful books that shook my grounds and deepened my understanding of this life.

One of these books is a book by sir David R. Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D., a nationally renowned psychiatrist, physician, researcher, spiritual teacher and lecturer, Power vs. Force. I always had a feeling that we all perceive this world differently because we all have different lenses through which we see, feel, understand and translate differently the same events of the world. For this reason, I would always be a little bit in awe on how we, humans, manage to communicate at all, because we all understand the same truth differently and we are all right, even though our truths are very different.

Sir David R. Hawkins in his book on Power vs. Force explains my feeling in a very clear and scientific way by talking about anatomy of consciousness and representing the map of human consciousness and explaining how we perceive differently the same situations depending on where we stand on the map.  Sir David R. Hawkins goes even further explaining that we, humans, think not only with our brain, but with our bodies. Moreover, if our minds can lie, seems like our bodies never lie and they can recognize the universal truth from the falsehood and this breath-taking method is represented in such a simple, clear and captivating way!

Having read Power vs. Forse, I continued with Letting Go and cannot wait to proceed with all the other books from the list, including The Eye of the I, Truths vs. Falsehood, Healing and Recovery and the rest. 

I hope I was not the only one diving in the see of books tucked in my linen Lotus shirts and many of you had similar or different experiences. Please share in the comments below! Any recommendations of beautiful spiritual books that made an impact for you, are very much welcome!

And now, as the Sun is becoming warmer every day, let’s get ready for the new warm season and our new Spring Summer Collection which is launching March 10th  along with our upgraded web-store!

Lots of love,

Vaida from Son de Flor

February 26, 2021


Son de Flor said:

Dear Melissa Sage Fadim,

Thank you for your compliments and kind words! I am very pleased your daughters wear our dresses with pleasure. It’s amazing to hear our creations fit women all over the world with different tastes and styles. Thank you for loving one of our pink shades! Since we had a few of them, it’s hard for me to know which one exactly you have in mind. At Son de Flor we usually have a few classic colors that stay timelessly and a few shades that change with seasons. Your beloved pink probably was one of the latter and it’s hardly possible it would soon be repeated. However, if I knew what shade of pink happened to be your favorite, I would check our stock room if it’s still there and if we could offer customization out of it for you! You can always reach me via!


Melissa Fadim said:

Hello from Chicago Vaida,
You have been an inspiration to me in many ways since I discovered Sondeflor on Etsy quite a few years ago. That was before I had Instagram. I am always touched by your kindness, and respect for and reverence of nature, simple beauty. For your spiritual connectivity. One of my daughters is your age. I gave her a smock dress in black-— almost only colour she wears. There is the rare occasion when she will wear white. I’ve given several dresses to her daughters who love them, too.
You are a gift.
On another note, I am wondering if (and hoping) you plan to do the beautiful soft pink that you featured several years ago. I have a dress in the current pink, however it is not a pink that gives me joy. To me it is blah and because of that I don’t wear it well.
My birthday is Valentines Day which is perfect as I am a true hearts and flowers romantic “girl” whose favorite colour is pink. My personal “signature” is pink hearts which I have also included in my copperplate monogrammed stationery.
I do hope that you will make that available again.
Thank you for being you and sharing your spirit with so many.
💗 ~ melissa sage fadim

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