It’s impossible to deny the psychological calming effect of the ritual of drinking tea, yet studies are suggesting that drinking tea might boost the body health and at the same time re-hydrate it. Let’s take a look at some more health benefits of drinking tea.

Seems like tea might reduce the risk of heart disease by improving the blood flow around the body and widening important arteries.

Although water is the prime fluid for re-hydrating the body after exercise or a long day in the office, some scientists believe that drinking tea could be equally useful.

If you have teeth problems, a regular supply of tea can really strengthen your teeth and lower the risk of tooth decay. Tea is a great source of fluoride, which can bolster tooth enamel.

Some scientific studies have suggested that regular tea drinking can help to keep body fat down by speeding up the burning of calories. If nothing else, it’s less fattening than sipping on a soft drink.

Ever wondered why old people love tea? Scientists believe that certain types of tea, such as green tea, can strengthen memory cells in the brain, and offer protection from the development of dementia and even Alzheimer’s Disease.

Although research is still developing in this area, reports indicate that prostate, mouth and breast cancer cases are much lower among those who regularly drink five or more cups of tea a day!

If your cup is still empty, grab one and pour it full of tea not only for the calm weekend in your cozy Linen Loungewear, but also for your health and fitness!

January 16, 2021

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