Is Linen Good For Summer? Explained

While summer is a great season to enjoy the sun and be out and about, the heat can sometimes be too unbearable to handle. Finding the suitable fabric can help more than you realize. 

Now, is linen good for summer? The answer is a loud, resounding ‘Yes’!

Linen is light and loosely woven, allowing heat to escape your body when worn.

When you aim to stay cool amid the summer heat while maintaining style and elegance, linen should be your saving grace. 

If you still need convincing about the wonders of linen during the summer season, continue reading! We will explore the benefits of wearing linen fabric during hot days.

Is Linen Good for Summer

Should You Wear Linen During The Summer?

Summer entails long days, bright blue skies, and a warm atmosphere.

Unfortunately, summer also means scorching and sweltering heat that makes you want to combust in your spot. 

The heat makes you want to put on skimpy cotton tanks, though, it won't take long to realize that exposed skin does not necessarily make you feel cooler. The choice of fabric, however, might be the solution you are looking for. 

In this instance, linen is proving to be an exceptional choice.

Linen has cooling properties. This specific feature is a direct result of it being an ancient natural fabric.

There is a particular emphasis on 'ancient' since it has been around for centuries. Neolithic people from Europe have been making and wearing textiles from linen for as long as 36,000 years, making this fabric one of the longest-produced textiles in the world. 

Now, how does linen perform during the summer season?

Linen clothes are perfect for hot days since they provide excellent hygroscopicity, which helps drain the water from the skin’s surface and allows optimal body temperature. 

The fabric acts as a barrier against UV rays, allowing the air to pass and dissipate the temperature outside. 

The linen fabric can absorb plenty of moisture and dries up relatively quickly. It tends to be stiff, which is helpful during the summer as it means your clothes won't stick to your body. 

With cooling and moisture-wicking properties, linen will surely be a godsend for people who want to brave the scorching hot days with style and fashion.

Reasons Why Linen Should Be Your Go-To For Summer

Reason to Choose Linen for Summer

Hot weather comes with higher humidity, making it uncomfortable for those needing to survive the summer heat.

If you live or have plans to go to an area or city that gets unbearably hot during the summer, you must make linen the new staple in your wardrobe. 

For more details, here are the reasons why linen is good for summer: 


Being breathable is among the primary features of linen fabric. It can facilitate air circulation when the material is worn, ensuring a cool and comfortable experience during warmer and hotter days.

The fabric is also stiff and does not cling to the skin. That means you won't have to feel clammy or sweaty whenever you are out of the house or office.  

Hypoallergenic and Antibacterial

Some people are allergic to certain types of fabrics. They often come out with rashes and breakouts after wearing them. 

There are times when certain fabrics agitate existing and prevailing skin conditions, causing them to flare up with symptoms. With linen, you won’t have to worry about that. 

As one of the oldest fabrics in the world, linen is proven not only to be reliable but also highly beneficial and safe. It has hypoallergenic qualities that make the fabric suitable for individuals with allergies and highly sensitive skin, making it less likely to trigger an adverse reaction. 

Linen's chemical structure also possesses antimicrobial properties, which makes it an excellent choice for preventing the growth of fungi and bacteria. 


For people trying to switch to sustainable and environment-friendly clothing choices, linen should be on top of the list. Linen comes from flax, which grows in poor soil and requires low amounts of water. 

Since linen needs less water to cultivate and grow, the fabric is deemed sustainable and eco-friendly. Also, by using linen fabric, you can contribute to controlling water consumption.

After all, the 6.4 liters of water that a linen shirt needs in its life cycle cannot compare to the 2,700 liters of water that a single cotton shirt requires. 

Heat Conductive and Reflective

Linen also boasts the innate ability to conduct heat. That means that the heat from your body can escape and pass through the body, making you feel cooler.

It is estimated that linen's heat conductivity is about five times higher than wool fabric and remarkably eighteen times higher than silk. 

Aside from conducting heat, linen also reflects heat. A linen blouse, dress, or shirt can provide shade, allowing you to stay refreshed during summer. 


You can keep your body moisture-free when rocking a linen dress or pants. The fabric is highly absorbent, which removes sweat from the skin. 

Not only does linen absorb moisture, it also releases it back into the air. The linen fabric's molecular structure makes it so that it absorbs as much as 1/5 of its weight before it becomes damp. 

That means it takes a lot of sweat to make you feel clammy in your linen clothes. With linen's absorbent and moisture-wicking features, you have an efficient cooling system to combat the hot summer wave.

Ways To Style Linen For Summer

Now that linen has been established as a great fashion choice for summer, it is only fair to learn how to style this fabric properly.

With linen, you can bring elegance and grace to any summer event or activity without the risk of fainting due to so much heat. Here are some sensational fashion ideas you can try out with linen.

Linen Shirt

Linen Shirts for Summer

You can style linen shirts with just about any other bottoms and pants. Depend the rest of your outfit with the style of the linen shirt.

Apply the balance rule here. If you have loose linen blouses, pair them with tight jeans or pants. Wear some loose or flared bottoms for tight and curve-hugging linen tops to match. 

The combination allows for a balanced and harmonious look while emphasizing your assets and characteristics. 

Linen Dress

Linen Dress for Summer

Linen dresses, on the other hand, are easier to style. They are endlessly chic with countless options — from maxi and mini dresses to wrap dresses.

Often, they are vibrant and full of breathtaking colors and life. Wearing these dresses can make you feel feminine and stunning. 

The challenge will be mainly on the accessories and shoes. In choosing those, depending on the style of the dress.

Linen Pants

Linen Pants for Summer

In styling linen pants, you need to keep your proportions in mind. This fabric is flowy and loose, making it easy to wrinkle. 

Often enough, the same balance rule applies to linen pants. Fitted pants need loose tops, while tight shirts pair well with baggy pants. 

All in All

Fashion and style should not take a step back during sweltering hot days.

Summer is also a time when special occasions, like weddings and reunions, occur. 

In those instances, you would want to look your best yet dress aptly to accommodate the raging heat. For any event during the summer season, linen would be a great choice!

Linen offers outstanding levels of comfort to people who wear them. This fabric is exceptional during summer due to its cooling properties and sustainable features.

With linen, you can enjoy the sun and not worry about feeling clammy or sweating through your clothes.