Son de Flor Stands with Ukraine

The origins of the scarf trickle back to Ancient Egypt, precisely to Queen Nefertiti, who was believed to have worn a woven wrapped scarf under an extravagant jeweled headpiece. It is also said that on his return from Egypt, Napoleon Bonaparte gifted his wife Josephine de Beauharnais a pashmina scarf. Whilst she was cynical at first about this exotic gift, she is noted to have collected over 400 scarfs over the next 3 years. During the First World War, knitting became more than just a hobby for women, children and even men all over the world. It was considered patriotic war duty. Tons of socks, sweaters and scarves were produced to send to servicemen to keep them warm and dry in wartime conditions. 

Sadly, we are fighting a war in Europe again. 
Son de Flor Stands with Ukraine

To help the Ukrainian people in the direct effect of war cruelty, Son de Flor produced a few linen scarves in Calm Blue & Joyous Yellow, resembling the colors of the Ukraine flag. 100% of the revenues from the sales of these scarves will go to Save the Children Lithuania (Gelbėkit Vaikus) organization to support mothers & children fleeing war zones of Ukraine in search of shelter & safety in Lithuania.

It was Audrey Hepburn, who said: 'When I wear a silk scarf I never feel so definitely like a woman, a beautiful woman.' Along with its symbolic meaning, we hope our linen scarves will not only help heal some scars, but will also be functional & handy for all of you. And will remind each of you what a beautiful woman you truly are!
Additionally, Son de Flor has chosen to use our social media channel to spread awareness about the war in Ukraine & how we can all help the civil people who are fighting for survival in war zones. We have decided to help with direct monthly donations of 1000 EUR as long as it’s needed to Save the Children (Gelbėkit Vaikus) organization based in Lithuania, which is taking care of children with or without parents entering Lithuania as war refugees.


Son de Flor Stands with Ukraine

Here are other ways to help people in Ukraine with donations:

We know kindness will win & Ukraine will be the symbol of it 💙💛