Welcome Home for Christmas

The most beautiful part of the year is finally knocking at the door. Time to slow down, gather all the family around one table to enjoy their company, remember cozy rituals and magic spells. We are excited to guide you through some beautiful ideas for this holiday season with our Linen Gift Map. Let's create most beautiful memories together!

Let's create most beautiful festive memories
together ~

Thoughtful Gifts for Her

Enjoy the smile in Her eyes and awe in Her heart by gifting one of Son de Flor's iconic linen dresses to slow Her pace a little and pour some romance in Her daily routine.

Perfect Linen Duos

Take a look at some beautiful duos we've paired to turn Her ordinary day into an extraordinary one with a little pinch of cozy linen magic!

Beautiful Small Gifts

When all you need is just a little something to tell Her 'I love you & I care'. A pair of mittens to keep Her hands warm? A shawl to embrace Her shoulders? Enter to see some lovely budget ideas we've prepared especially for this.

Special Home Linens

We are beyond thrilled this festive season to offer all of you the gift of a good night's sleep in the softness and comfort of Son de Flor home linens. For the sweetest of Your dreams, for the joy of your restful days!