Before we enter a new season of sustainable linen fashion, we want to THANK YOU all for staying around and helping us grow in difficult situations! As you already know, every Son de Flor package until the end of August will reach you not only with our beautiful linen dresses but also an amazing package of Ethiopian coffee & Lithuanian chocolate!

Happy to re-introduce Eskedar, our beautiful friend from Ethiopia. Besides crossing Sahara & Mediterranian sea, holding a masters degree in economics, being a lecturer, an amazing mom to 3 kids, modeling for Son de Flor & taking part in 'Dance with a Star' in Lithuania, Eskedar is spreading the message of Ethiopian coffee in Lithuania, and hopefully, soon all over the world. Eskedar helped us so much in difficult situations, it's #timetogiveback, even if just a little! 

As you know, every parcel purchased from Son de Flor in August will reach you with a package of Eskedar coffee and David's chocolate as a gift. You can find more about our #timetogiveback project here!

Eskedar's coffee is grown in Ethiopia and roasted in Lithuania. Ethiopia is full of different coffee traditions, where many regions have their own ways of drinking coffee. In one place, coffee is drunk with butter, in other places with salt, less often with sugar, there is a region where a rust leaf is added to the coffee. Ruth is added not only to a cup of coffee but also to a mixture of spices that is used to flavor both coffee and food. Cinnamon or cloves are also added to the coffee. The latter is a favorite spice of coffee in Ethiopia. Watch the full movie and share applause to the lady, who keeps inspiring us daily!

We hope Eskedar's coffee becomes one of your favorites to start a happy day! There are still a couple of lovely summer days to enjoy the gifts coming along your August parcels! Choose your favorite linen dress!

25 août, 2020
Balises: Our Community

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