Not so easy to come back to normal life and work after this long pause of laziness and festive moods in a jolly bubble, isn’t it? Even though slow fashion is counting seasons from Fall to Spring to Fall to Spring again, January the 1st is always some kind of a breakthrough point, to put the checks on the goals reached and come up with a list of new ones. 

It always takes a bit of time to get the energy back after the festive marathon and start slowly dancing into the spring. In our lands the spring is not there till late March, and even though February is the shortest month of them all, the time in wait of Spring is always too long.

Since the time is there though, how about we stop rejecting it in wait of something that will anyhow happen, and instead embrace and use it with our own pace for self-care and growth. 

If in the festive period we were running forward with full availability for everyone, maybe it’s the time now to slow down, look back and look inside. Anything missed when running? Anything lost on the way? Too much energy spent on frivolous things and situations? Or vice versa, everything feels steady and calm?

May the rest of the winter be the months of self-care physically, mentally, emotionally & spiritually.

We’ve been available and kind to everyone over the past period, may we finally be kind to ourselves. The goals set for the Next Year will not run-away anywhere, they will be accomplished as a side effect of feeling physically fit, mentally and emotional more stable, spiritually calm and relaxed.

To help you step out of your linen twirls and legally stay cosy at home with your coffee and books, with your smiles and tears, with your worries and joy, we are shortly launching our capsule ‘sustaineous’ (sustainable + spontaneous) Feels like Home drawer. 

The beautiful drawer full of 100% linen home-wear essentials to play around with kids, comfortably prepare breakfast, to hang with your bestie with a cup of coffee on the line, to read a book, take a nap, watch a movie, clean around, walk to the groceries and/or meditate.

Stay tuned... & Feel like Home!

04 janvier, 2021
Balises: Body and Mind


Dale Smith:

Excited for you to open the drawer!❤️

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