Versitality in Clothing: Creating Wardrobe

Having freedom in wardrobe doesn't necessarily mean that it needs to be filled with clothes from the top to the very bottom. The secret to feeling good about your closet lies in having items that all fit with one another and could be worn in more than one way.

When purchasing a new item you can have in mind if it would fit into the context of your existing wardrobe and could be styled with other items that you own. 


Versitality in Clothing


If an item is considered as versatile by somebody else it doesn‘t necessarily mean you will see it the same way. It all depends on your personal style and the way you like to wear your clothes.

Not only we believe in philosophy that you should own clothes that you truly love, but they should also spark joy in you and feel good wearing. This way you won‘t find yourself wearing same outfit again and again leaving majority of your other clothes untouched. 


Versitality in Clothing


Usually versatile fashion is perceived as simple and classic, but it doesn't mean it always has to be this way. It‘s important that you find multiple ways of wearing pieces fitting your unique lifestyle. If you enjoy bright colors or interesting shapes i you do not need to eliminate them from your wardrobe. Trust your intuition and sense of style, they know what is best for you.


Versitality in Clothing


Here at Son de Flor we believe in importance of versatility in our clothing. This way we can overcome the overconsumption issue and encourage more of you to consider adding pieces to your wardrobe that would compliment one another and would fit many different occasions .


Made out of 100% softened linen Son de Flor pieces are created to provide you with classic and timeless style that is easy to create variety of looks with !