Spring Gifts

Our bodies are still if the process of waking up from long winter hibernation and we are blooming like flowers with sun kissing our faces more often. Even though sun still likes to hide after white fluffy clouds it keeps showing itself to us and sends us warmth. Sometimes, sun gets tired and gives some space for  the rain which waters the ground and the plants on it recharging from within. Nature is keeping its balance with the variety of weathers and each of them is so important for keeping everything in harmony.



Have you already been walking barefoot in the nature? It’s so wonderful to feel the earth with your skin of your feet. Moss in the forest is so soft, moist, and slightly cold. Suddenly every leaf feels different, you can clearly feel their texture. Whole body reacts when you step on little branch. And grass brings such a tickly feeling, it’s practically a foot massage that nature gives you as a gift. And there is something else, you can feel calm and connection with your surroundings.  You understand clearly how you are part of the nature. The sounds of the singing birds, swaying of the trees, and the fresh air brings you peace and feeling of gratefulness for this moment that is so simple yet so powerful.



The moment when chilly wind is replaced by warm breeze you can feel your skin absorbing it with such welcome. It strokes your skin like silk. Flowers cover the ground with their colorful and beautiful blossoms which invite little insects to join. Flowers brighten our daily life and infuse us with energy and motivation to reach our goals. You can clearly feel positive atmosphere and everything seems to be wonderful. Nature has such big power to influence us and the way we feel. Nature is us and we are nature.


Let's take care of our lovely Earth with sustainable choices such as ethically made linen dresses.

Happy Earth Day!

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