Sometimes mental and emotional well-being terms might seem as synonyms, however, they aren’t the same thing, and both need separate attention to maintain overall harmony. Mental health includes the state of your feelings while emotional health involves an ability to manage and express emotions in a mature and healthy manner.

When you feel like emotions are taking over your behaviour, it’s time to take a step back and focus on yourself. Take a few moments to focus on your thoughts. You can close your eyes, slow down, breath and think of what your mind and soul needs at this very moment.

We tend to compress our emotions and neglect them. It’s important to remember that everything is connected - if your emotional health is suffering, your mental and physical health will too. Then your emotional state needs some serious attention, your body will react. Nurture yourself as if you would care for your loved one, be a friend for yourself. 

What matters the most is your happiness and well-being. Sometimes it can feel like we are rushing to live and there is no time to stop, but we need to remember that in the end our ultimate goal is to feel balanced and fulfilled. So, let’s try consciously including it into our priority list, helping ourselves and others. 

Besides our love to create linen dresses, we also really enjoy bringing value and warmth in our Son de Flor community. Much of sisterhood is about sharing our feelings and experiences. 



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04 février, 2021
Balises: Body and Mind


Emily Orosz:

I love the resources/sources included at the bottom. Thank you!

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