Watching Spring Bloom

Here in Lithuania arrival of Spring means more sun to feel on our skin after dark days of Winter. Trees are starting to create little buds which are soon to be blooming with pure flowers and leaves. Birds are coming back from the far lands where they were resting in warmth while we were freezing in our snowy Lithuanian winter. We can finally notice insects appearing on the streets and colorful butterflies painting the skies with their wings. Nature is reviving from long hibernation and welcoming us now to spend more time outside. Here are few activities that might be fun to do while enjoying warmer days.



Make your own kite and fly it

People say that you are young and alive as long as you do something new. When was the last time you made your own kite? This is a great opportunity to reopen your creative side and spend some time with your family or friends doing something together. Making your own kite makes it very special and dear, imagine the feeling when you will see it up in the sky.

Do a picnic

Invite your friends, take some snacks and a blanket, put on your favorite robe en lin and go out for a picnic! Food is always magically tastier when eaten surrounded by nature and in a good company.



Grab your bike for a ride

Have you been telling yourself that you will be more active this spring? Why not to take a bike and go for a short ride around the neighborhood or explore some place that you haven’t been to yet. What’s great about it is that you can either use this ride as a time to be with yourself and unwind, or you can take people dear to you and spend some time together while taking care of their health.

Take a walk

Revival of the nature invites us to spend more time outside and what can be a better way to enjoy it than taking a walk. It can be so relaxing and helpful to clear your head from the everyday work by fully unplugging and letting nature recharge you with it’s pureness and beauty.


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