Welcome to Son de Flor Spring/Summer Magic!

It’s hard to believe, but we can hear the birds singing louder, the sun beams dancing on our cheeks more fiercely and the early flowers waking up, bloom after bloom, in fields our eyes land on. Seems the long awaited Spring is here and with the Spring the New Son de Flor Spring/Summer Season!



This year we are approaching you with a lot of news, including new styles and colors, Son de Flor linen bag line we named after Lina, Lithuanian name meaning Linen, the new Secret Garden Print prepared by our friend Cassidy Demkov, and we hope you will enjoy the uplifted version of our web-store we are launching along with the new Spring/Summer collection. A lot of lovely surprises and friend projects are planned for the upcoming months. We hope you will stay around and become a part of our beautiful slow and sustainable fashion, the Son de Flor family!


This year we are entering Spring/Summer season with Terracotta Red & Seashell White & more focus on our deep sophisticated Marsala Red colors. Looking for warmth, gentleness, romance and confidence, also keeping an eye on the trends of 2021. Usually it’s very hard to predict, but this year we are on the same page with Pantone Spring/Summer 2021 color palette, including Rust & Buttercream. Moreover, you can find Burnt Coral, Marigold, Mint, Cerulean, Willow & Ultimate Gray shades in timeless Son de Flor color scheme. Choose your favorite shade and introduce to your capsule wardrobe.




Among more colors for timeless Son de Flor linen styles, we are adding 4 strong linen pieces for your trial, i.e. Pinafore Jumpsuit for comfortable movement, short sleeves Tailored Wrap Shirt for all body types, flattering 100% linen Audrey Dress for daily wear and marie Dress in short sleeves with an attachable Peter Pan Collar for playfulness, romance and elegance every day.



We hope you will enjoy our Secret Garden floral print born in collaboration with our friend Cassidy Demkov. We were aiming to stay in the vintage loop, yet come up with something authentic, romantic and outstanding, but humble and not too loud at the same time. Secret Garden also refers to all the amazing flowers blooming within ourselves no matter the season. We hope ‘…your Secret Garden will bloom and bloom, and every morning reveal new miracles.’ {Frances Hodgson Burnett, The Secret Garden}



Finally, this year we are starting new season with long awaited sustainable linen bags line. We called the line after Lina, since the roots of this Lithuanian name hides in Flax/Linen & our bags are made from 100% linen using low footprint sustainable and bio-degradable materials, like wood detailing, recycled plastic and/or natural coconut buttons and linen, of course, to be as friendly to our Planet Earth as possible. The line consists of Son de Flor revertible and convertible Shoulder and Tote Bags along with a Pouch and a Backpack. All the styles are made to be worn with several options and easily washed at home conditions. Take a look!



We are still holding a few lovely surprises in the pocket for all of you here! So stay around and come for a visit once in a while! And in the meantime, enjoy our new Spring/Summer proposal!



Ps. Take a look at the making of our Spring/Summer visuals in one of the most beautiful green spaces in Kaunas, the city your Son de Flor dream is born!

Find our New Spring/Summer 2021 Collection here!