Diversity lies in the essence of nature. Imagine life without different plants, trees, insects, animals and weathers – it simply couldn‘t exist. Diversity enables the life on our planet to exist in harmony.

Due to this it appears clear that diversity in communities is also very important factor. It inspires cultural growth and makes society richer. When people of different backgrounds, skills, age, genders and worldviews meet together, each member contribute and take part in something special which creates a greater whole and magic happens.



It‘s beautiful how we can learn from one another. The bigger diversity there is, the greater and more creative result can happen from it. People from different cultures can share knowledge and understanding of the world and unity can be born which satisfies the need of belonging that each of us have. Older generation can pass their wisdom to the young ones. We can feel like a part of a big and loving family that can be found all around the world.



If you ever feel uninspired or unmotivated, look around. There is so much to see and learn from that can spark something new in you that you haven‘t found yet or have been looking for.  Beauty is all around us.


The Campaign we recently did with Jovana Rikalo (@jovanarikalo) for our Spring/Summer Collection celebrates diverse beauty of the four women in four dresses: The Marie Dress in Marigold speaks of joy and color in our lives, Elisa Dress in Rosemary Green stands for elegance and subtle touch, Pinafore in Seashell White reflects purity and softness, and Marie Dress in Petal Rose  reminds of the power of femininity and calmness. Together they embody the essence of Son de Flor. 


Son de Flor pieces are meant for everyone to enjoy. We are very happy to have an ability to share fairytale through our dresses to the rest of the world!

27 avril, 2021
Balises: Body and Mind

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