Innovations in Sustainable Fashion

It warms our hearts to see how fashion is becoming more and more sustainable around the world. New technologies and approaches applied to creation of clothes positively impacts our planet. Recently there have been quite a few innovations in fashion industry that amazed us and we would like to share our recent discoveries with you.


Clothing startup Vollebak has designed a hoodie from eucalyptus trees that is fully biodegradable and compostable within eight weeks! Made from pulped eucalyptus and beech wood that has been sourced from sustainably managed forests, the plant-based jumper has a mossy color from since it's dyed with pomegranate peel. Not only it looks and feels amazing, but also, it's completely environment-friendly.



Another wonderful technology has been developed by a clothing brand Pangaia which invented a puffer coat using flowers as an alternative to tradition duck or goose down stuffing. To create the stuffing, Pangaia combines the wildflowers, which are shredded and combined with a biopolymer made from vegetable waste. Pangaia clothes' designs are minimalistic, but usually bright colored and suitable for casual wear and look.




In the north of Italy Frumat firm has been working on creating an alternative to animal-based lab grown leather and came up with Apple Skin which is a bio-based leather derived from the apple industry food waste. By using apple skins Frumat offers a versatile, high performing alternative to leather with low environmental impact. Now the company is one of the most innovative in the field of agricultural and food waste recycling.



Our recent friend Vivaia developed a new technology of creating shoes out of plastic water bottles. Plastic water bottles are turned into spools of thread to knit the surface material for the shoes that will last for long years. Insoles are crafted using soft natural latex foam derived from rubber resin that ensures comfort and a lightweight feel on your feet. Soles are created using carbon-free elastic and flexible rubber which is shock-resistant, fungi-proof and odor-resistant.



All of these brands show care for our planet and our future providing with harmless alternatives to existent unsustainable products. We believe in businesses that work towards harmony around us. By creating our dresses, we put efforts to create positive impact for the environment.


We can improve the future of our life and lives of further generations if we work together.