Flowers of Your Life

Isn‘t it magical how spring brings us wonderful colors and scents? Nature provides us with its gifts that are here for everybody to appreciate and enjoy. Blossoms cover fields and forests with the layer of joy and freedom. In the presence of flowers we are the same as any other creatures of nature. Here we are no more special than animals and insects able to appreciate the blossoms and their beauty.



Since the ancient times flowers were used to decorate homes and women’ hair. In Roman Empire they served even as fortune tellers, and in the medieval times meeting place of lovers could be recognized by the floral surroundings.

There are many countries that have their national flower. The origin of some national flowers is deeply related to the cultural and religious background of the country and counts hundreds or even thousands of years. Lithuania has a national flower – rue – symbolizing purity and innocence. In the pagan times rue was frequently worn by beautiful brides on their wedding day. Imagine a bride with rue in her hair and white linen dress hugging her body with encouragement for the new stage in her live to come with excitement.



Flowers are about beauty, uplifted feelings and femininity. They are a sign of love and attention and they are used as a kind gesture for different occasions: Valentine‘s Day, birthdays, anniversaries, weddings and so on. Flowers surround us in the most beautiful moments in our lives thus its important to remember about them in our everyday life for more color and delight. 

Flowers reminds of of the power of beauty and purity in our lives. They inspire us to bloom as well and feel grateful for each day and each opportunity.


Surround yourself with flowers as you deserve all the beauty in the world!



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