There’s no surprise that the pandemic is affecting our mental health. Our mind is suffering from constant bad news, isolation from society and our daily life that seems to be the same every day. No events to look forward to, no vacations to plan – life can easily seem grey and hopeless, and make our hearts heavy. A healthy relationship with ourselves is now more important than ever. When everything around us is chaotic and unsure, let’s help ourselves find peace and comfort at home.

Have a Conversation with Yourself

We’re always keen on checking in with our loved ones how they feel, but we often forget to take time to check in the same with ourselves. Try to sit down in silence, breathe and let the thoughts flow freely. Ask yourself - how do you feel right now? What does your body and mind need? Have a little chat with yourself, try to identify your emotions, needs and thoughts. Try to really connect to your essence, feel every inch of your body and the vibration of the world around you.

Allow Yourself to Feel

After identifying your emotions comes the actual feeling – even if it’s uncomfortable or painful. But every single feeling that comes to you is valid, important and has a reason for existing. Feel your way through it, cry it out if you have to, and push through. Only by acknowledging and accepting your feelings, you can start to let go of them and grow.

Dig Deep into Yourself

There’s always something on our minds. Whether it’s our fears, chaotic thoughts or heavy emotions. Sometimes it’s really hard to understand what you’re feeling or where it’s coming from. Open your diary or just grab a sheet of paper, and scribble down everything that comes to your mind. It can be structured or chaotic  - write down everything that comes up. Then ask yourself again - what are my desires right now? What can I do to achieve what I want? What is stopping me from being the best version of myself? Try to understand where your feelings are coming from. 

Also, try to embrace all of the dark thoughts you’re having - it’s okay to have them as well. What are you angry about and why? Are you jealous of anyone? What’s the reason? Is there anything you haven’t forgiven yourself or anyone else? If you want to, you can burn the paper afterwards and let the bad feelings and thoughts go away and lift the heaviness of your heart. 

Accept that Your Body is Your Home 

We all face the problem of being too hard on our physical selves. We tend to forget that our body is the reason we can experience life as it is that gives us the ability to live in the first place. Rather than judging it and wishing it looked or behaved differently, we should feel grateful and accept it as our home. It’s something we should take care of. It should be unconditionally loved because it’s doing so much for us. Try to connect to your physical self through movement, whether it’s dancing, yoga or a walk outside. Treat it like you would treat a loved one. Be thankful and gentle because your body is doing the best job it can. 

Put Love First 

The most important thing is to remind yourself of what really matters. Love is what we all desire, need and long for. Love is what holds society together, it’s what connects us as unique beings with everything around us. By showing love to others, you are also being gentle and kind with yourself. By showing love to yourself, you raise your ability to show love to others. No matter how you like to express it - love today. And love tomorrow. As long as we’re doing that, everything will find its place.


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09 février, 2021
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