How Covid-19 affected sustainability in fashion?

Sudden wave of Covid-19 pandemic in the world had shaken the whole fashion industry on a big scale. Due to difficulties to continue normal social and professional life outside of home shopping of new clothes fell drastically - by 25% - which is the biggest drop in 23 years. Only demand for pajamas and loungewear increased because of our whole lives shifting explicitly to home environment.



Pandemic affected the way we buy clothes as we care for sustainability and ethicality behind them as never before: 56% of people said that sustainability is very or somewhat important when buying fashion items, while 38% started to think more about sustainable fashion after seeing media coverage on poorly treated factory workers, and 35% from watching documentaries about the environment. As a threat to everyone’s health, current pandemic shows us how fragile we are and how our future health and happiness depend on a healthy environment. It's now a mission of fashion industry to take care of our planet as much as possible. 

For us at Son de Flor sustainability has always been the major focus of our efforts to make sure we produce eco-friendly pieces while taking care of Earth. It warms our hearts to see that demand and appreciation of sustainability growths worldwide and we want to keep sharing the importance of this topic to create positive impact on our future.


We truly believe in beauty and power of owning one garment that brings you joy and lasts for years at the same time. Our ethically made linen pieces are timeless and made with love that we hope you can feel!  





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