Cheese, White Chocolate & Raspberry Puree

An easy to prepare and absolutely tasty light dessert for the festive weekend in collaboration with Tie Kepejai, a lovely tiny bakery in the middle of Vilnius old-town.

Ingredients to be used:
200 g. Mascarpone cheese
100 g. Condensed milk
50 g. White Chocolate
120 g. Whipped cream
10 g. Gelatin
50 ml. Water
Lemon peel
100 g. Raspberry puree


Take a small bowl and fill it with crushed chocolate biscuits. Prepare the cream mass. Pour water over gelatin, let it become swollen and heat it a little bit on low fire so that all the possible clots melts. Mix mascarpone cheese with condensed milk, melted white chocolate and gelatin, whipped cream and lemon peel. Separate the mass into two parts. Mix one part with raspberry puree. When finished, put the cream into the bowls, over the crushed chocolate biscuits, according to your own aesthetic imagination, and put them to the fridge, so that the dessert congeals.
Bon Appétit!

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