Life is a beautiful journey full of important lessons to get to know the world and people around you, but most importantly, yourself. All of us have a desire to be liked and accepted - due to that we might often change some facts that make us look better in the eyes of others. However, one of the ingredients of living your life to the fullest is being honest with yourself. It‘s about being truthful and accepting your strengths, weaknesses, limitations and character. Perfection doesn‘t exist and it‘s okay. Each of us are enough and beautiful just the way we are as we are the children of the nature and bigger whole.



Being honest doesn‘t mean to give up on your weaknesses, it means accepting them and working on becoming a better person. What can help you taking time to reflect and analyze yourself from the side. Also, you don't have to be afraid to admit it when you make mistakes. It‘s okay to be imperfect, we learn from our choices and can apply those lessons to your future. What is more, pay attention to your feelings. Your heart knows what is true and what is a lie. Listen to your heart and accept your inner voice, it‘s your best companion that you need to make friends with.



Honestly is a value that gives a meaning and weight to our lives. When you know how to be completely true to yourself everything around you seem to be a little bit better and brighter. You inspire others to do the same and improve everyday. This way, just like a chain reaction, whole world becomes a little bit more honest and beautiful.


Our Lovelies, Happy Honesty Day!


Lots of love,

Son de Flor


30 avril, 2021
Balises: Body and Mind

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