5 Ways How to Style Linen Dress? Tips from Stylists

What shoes to wear it with, what jackets to style on top of it, what bag to choose, and generally, how to style a linen dress?

Linen garments are very versatile and can easily go with many clothes and accessories from your existing wardrobe.

Often, to change the look from day to night, all you need to do is just switch a clutch or a bag, and a heel or sandals, maybe a touch of maybe-up, some of your favorite jewelry and you are good to go!

We are lucky to have Son de Flor Women who share with us the ways they style their linen dress which we find very inspiring.

Here are a few looks which we believe would fit everyone and are easy to recreate with something similar that you already own.

How to Style Linen Dress

1. Romantic

For a feminine and romantic look adding vintage accessories to your robe romantique glues the whole outfit together.

Classic Dress in Marigold together with a detachable collar adds a soft touch to the linen dress and changes the whole look.

You can put a leather belt on your waist as well to accentuate it even more. Simple flats and your favorite bag connects the whole outfit together and you are ready to go for a romantic date!

Romantic Style
Photo credit: @song.mouse

2. Casual

It is easy to style your favorite robe en lin for a casual day at work or a weekend walk with your family or friends.

There is no one right way to style your dress, but you can never go wrong when wearing bright colored linen dress, in this case Classic Dress with more neutral colored accents.

Jacket can make the look relaxed and jean jacket especially is so versatile and matches all linen dresses wonderfully.

For your shoes you can choose sneakers that are not only very comfortable, but also can look very organic with your whole casual outfit ensemble.

Finally, add your favorite sunglasses to complete the look. If you ever need an inspiration on how to style Timeless Red Tartan, you can find some ideas in one of our previous blog posts.

Casual Style

3. Chilly Evening Walk

When it is a little bit chilly outside and you want to go for a long walk in the park or forest, feel comfortable and put together at the same time, here is what you can do!

Put your linen dress with your cozy knitted sweater on top. Classic Dress in Poppy Red is a wonderful choice for your base of the outfit.

Since you will be walking quite a lot, put your most comfortable boots on. If you feel like it, put on your red lipstick on and go conquer the world!

Chilly Evening Walk
Photo credit: @curlsncakes

4. Double Dress

Did you know that wearing a dress over a dress creates a completely new and interesting look?

This way you create volume in the skirt and come up with something fresh and unexpected.

You can try this out! In the picture you can see our Smock Dress over Classic Dress in White Magnolia. The combination looks stunning!

You can put a little belt on your waist and add a bag of your choice for a complete look. Now what is left is twirl and enjoy the moment!

Double Dress Style v2Photo credit: @dreamy.hogwarts

5. Night Out

Linen dress can be great for a night out with friends to spend quality time with and enjoy yourself.

On such evening you want to find balance between well-dressed and freedom of movement.

One of the ways is to put a shirt over your linen dress, button only half of it leaving the end unbuttoned and tie it a couple times.

This way your dress looks like a skirt and the shirt creates a completely different look. In the photo Pinafore Dress in Teccarotta Red together with a black shirt looks in harmony.

Not to mention the high-heeled boots that add charm to the whole look. You can choose any kind of shoes that you feel comfortable in and voilà!

Night Out Style

All in All

When styling your linen dress, don’t be afraid to experiment.

There are many ways to style it and come up with new looks. Your creativity is limitless and we are confident in it.

We are always excited for you to share ways on how you style your linen dress, so feel free to do so on Instagram. You inspire us every day!