Split Payment for Your Comfort!

With the beginning of Summer comes our new surprise! Thinking about our community we made it possible to split the payment for any purchase from Son de Flor. This way we want to provide everyone with the favourable conditions of owning a piece that would fit perfectly into your capsule wardrobe.  



It took us a while to find a trustworthy method without any extra costs for our community, but we finally found Splitit which met all of our expectations! There will never be any interest nor any late fees. All you need to do is own a Visa or Mastercard, have the full amount for your chosen dress at the moment of your purchase and...be ready for your dress!



To use the split payment simply:

  1. On sondeflor.com website add an item you wish to purchase to your cart, open it and proceed to Check Out
  2. Enter your contact information.
  3. Choose your shipping method.
  4. In the payment section select Splitit service and follow the instructions.

This way you will be able to pay out the total sum within the duration of 3 months while twirling in your beloved Son de Flor linen dress.


We aim to make Son de Flor garments available for everyone. May our dresses travel all around the world spreading unity and femininity!

4 commentaires

  • Son de Flor

    Hello, Kristi,

    Unfortunately, there might have been a misunderstanding – for the first-time purchasers, we offer a 10% discount! To receive a discount code, please join our newsletter community where we share our news & helpful advice → https://omniform1.com/signup/v1/5cb485168653ed5a50b0f1e0_6307304bf6ce8f0019e73e0b.html

    Also, to tell you a secret, we are planning a lovely sale in November! We recommend subscribing to our newsletter to be the first to know about it!

    If you would have any questions or doubts, you are most welcome to write us at info@sondeflor.com!

    Warm regards,
    Son de Flor team

  • Kristi

    May I also have the 20% off code as a first time buyer?

  • Son de Flor

    Hello, Tammy,

    No worries! We will reach you via email and solve this together so that you could place your first order!

    Warm regards,
    Son de Flor girls

  • Tammy Aldrich

    I had a 20% off code as a new customer. First time buyer. I lost it and was not able to use it. Can I have it sent to me? I still haven’t purchased anything yet. Thank you.

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