Linen Clothing For Women

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      It’s time to let the light and joy to our minds, hearts and wardrobes! Welcome to Son de Flor 2022 Spring & Summer linen clothing tale, full of flattering styles, soft colors, flowers, butterflies and summer skies!

      If you haven’t tried linen for Spring or Summer yet, we must warn you, as linen might become the only fabric you will want to wear ever since your first try! It’s light, comfortable, breathable, humidity friendly, anti-bacterial and anti-allergenic! It feels amazing for the skin and is very easy to take care of.

      This season we are asking you to embrace your femininity and walk with elegance wherever you go. The playful sleeves of our linen Butterfly Dress. The sophistication of the Catherine Vest is paired with wide-legged Catherine trousers. Our staple Classic dresses are in Apple Green and Vintage Pink. Newly reborn White Magnolia linen, Natural Dot linen and all the other bright colors asking women to radiate light!

      Not only new styles, but also the modifications of our existing classics, like Pinafore Shirt, Nicole Sleeveless Shirt, but also Wrap Skirt, Catherine Trousers ankle length and a few more. We hope our new patterns, like Vintage Pink Checkers, Summer Flowers and Cinnamon Polka Dot will put a light smile in your heart while enjoying summer adventures!

      Elsie de Wolfe said, “I am going to make everything around me beautiful. That will be my life.”
      We’ve woven that ethos into our collection of top-quality linen dresses, shirts, skirts, vests and blazers, smock dresses and women’s accessories this spring-summer season again.
      No matter your size, age, or shape, we’ll help you choose joy over worry and cherish your natural femininity. Circumstances are trying to knock us down, but our new styles, colors, and moods will create your fearless new look.