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      Son de Flor gladly welcomes you to a magical linen clothing tale of the year! This collection offers different garments that can bring light and joy to our minds, hearts, and wardrobes. If you have not tried this fabric yet for embracing elegant fall and winter outfits, you must prepare for some surprises because this might be the only fabric you will fall in love with on the first try!

      The Son de Flor team highlights linen's comfort and breathability through its majestically woven skirts, dresses, tops, pants, vests, jackets, and trousers. Adding an enthralling touch to every weave, we ensure a humidity-friendly, anti-allergenic, and anti-bacterial garment that perfectly suits every woman.

      When Elsie de Wolfe said, "I am going to make everything around me beautiful. That will be my life," Son de Flor also aimed to provide the best of the best to make women fall in love, not only with the linen clothes but more with themselves.

      So, no matter your size, age, or body shape, we will always help you choose joy over worry and cherish your natural femininity. Many circumstances may try to knock us down, but our new colors, styles, and moods will craft your undaunted new look.

      You can fearlessly walk your way to the world and make it your own with the perfect blend of palettes and textures. With the help of various lengths, fits, and patterns, you can emphasize the beauty within to make you feel more confident. The unique detailing and appealing niceties also add a bold statement to the outfit.

      Above all, Son de Flor's goal is to establish a sustainable choice for clothing and garments. Our mission is to produce classy apparel, with linen as the main fabric, that will surely last for a lifetime. Not only is your beauty timeless, but your attire never gets old too.

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