Son de Flor Birthday Party Dress Code


    As you might have guessed already, we’ve turned 5 years old this month! So many amazing things happened over these years here at Son de Flor! Starting with one Classic Dress in a few colors in the first year & presenting a collection of more than 50 unique styles in our latest Fall/Winter season. Our team has grown from 5 to almost 20 people! For the outer world it might seem like a small number, but for Son de Flor it’s a whole world!

    Along with an incredible 1000 EUR Gift Voucher Giveaway, we’ve also prepared a small surprise for all of you! We’ve asked our team members to choose a dress they like the most & would gladly wear to a Son de Flor birthday party. And here we are, with a lovely selection of our favorites and a small description near every girl with the mission she is bringing forward here at Son de Flor!

    Happy 5th Birthday, Son de Flor! Happy Birthday to all of you!