“Charles Darwin described himself as a slow thinker. Einstein famously sat in his office…gazing into the middle distance for hours on end…in the intellectual world and the arts, people have always understood the power of looking slowly at the big picture.”
~Carl Honoré~

Have you ever felt like you are in a Monday morning that suddenly becomes a Friday, and then just as quickly you are back around to Monday? It’s like time flies by so fast we can barely can catch up to yesterday.  The rapidly moving world has had us all on the fast track life. Often it feels like there is not much we can do but adapt to the quick pace and run with it. But there is always another way, another choice.

Over the past few decades a slowly but steadily Slow Living Movement has gained momentum, so to speak. More and more the act of mindfulness has taken root in our daily lives as an important approach to living.  But what is does this Slow Living Movement really mean? As there are no strict rules as to how to live our life, here are some guidelines on what it means to live in smooth mode. 

Slow living is:

  • life philosophy, a state of mind and being, a reflective approach, and methodical process to daily life
  • a conscious, intentional, mindful, way of living deeply
  • purposeful and fulfilling
  • nourishing, savoring the minutes instead of counting them
  • holistic, timeless, and based on ancient wisdom and spirituality
  • about pacing, being steady and consistent
  • taking a long-term view of our own life and the world around us
  • about well-being and doing everything as well as possible instead of as fast as possible
  • an organic and natural way of living
  • balance, ease, sanity, and low stress
  • connection with ourself, those around us, and the world
  • countercultural because it goes against the norm that “faster is better”
  • doesn’t treat everything in life as disposable
  • opting out of the current state of busyness and time poverty.
  • conscious and intentional, the power of looking slowly at the big picture. 

These are all beautiful words and concepts to aspire to, but we need to be translate them into actions in order to enrich our lives and balance our emotional, mental and physical wellbeing. 

The world, more than ever,  is calling for us to slow ourselves down. All of us together on this planet are experiencing the current situation, that has forced us to slow down and make the best of troubled times at home. 

It has been a few years now when like-minded people had already begun forming communities to intentionally move themselves out of the fast lane and take time for what they deem to be the most purposeful and fulfilling life for themselves.

Last spring, Son de Flor had an exceptional opportunity to participate in an experience called a Creative Journey for the purpose of opening channels for increased creativity. We tapped into inspiration and experiences through the idea of connecting with ourselves, with those around us and with nature. The Creative Journey took place in a secluded and extraordinary site in France, hosted by Olivia, Linda Lomelino and Sissel, providing a space where many creatives could come together to collaborate with one another and turn ideas and concepts into reality. It was a time to take some distance from the outside world and spend time in a slower, creative and conscious mode. 

This spring, we all entered the slow living movement. What better moment than to rethink how we would like our life to be in this new world that we are stepping into.

Essentially we are talking about self-care, at a slower and a more creative pace. Take a simple action like the morning bath routine and turn it into a little ritual. Use natural product to enhance our senses and be ever present with things like essential oils, fresh linen towels, spring flowers, iced mineral water with lemons… Get creative with what gives you joy now that you have the time to do so.

Families that eat together, stay together

There are as many different ways to start adapting to slow living as their are people on this earth. And probably the most important one and most approachable is conscious eating. Fewer and fewer families keep the custom of sitting down together at the table to share a home cooked meal, even if it is once a day, a couple of times a week, or every few weeks, this universal family tradition is a good way to catch up on how we are doing and how our day went. 

Fast life demands fast food, but with slow living, you can luxuriate in home cooked meals with all the family sharing in its preparation and setting of the table creatively adding candles, fresh cut flowers from the garden or street, crisp linen napkins and table cloth. 

Try adding little details like a written note on a chesnut left for each family member on a plate and pleasantly surprise our loved ones when called to table. Simple thoughtful touches create an atmosphere that positively delights everyone.  And positivity is key in reviving happy traditions that we would like to have in our home and sanctuary.


Make a meaningful time to spend with people we want to spend time out in nature, sharing a love for the outdoors together.

Whether foraging for food or growing our own the pleasure of earth on our hands. We do not have to have a huge garden, we can try growing herbs and small veggies even a window sill will do. Plus dry herbs are delightful to use again in winter, and tied with a soft ribbon they make a great aromatic gift! 

The act of growing our own food, is an act of cultivating and nurturing, watching something grow to harvest is a completely different approach to knowing where our food comes from. This also gives you a natural step into conscious eating, which affects our mood and health directly. 


Make your creative dreams come true

Maybe there is something you always wanted to draw, paint, or learn. Take some time to dedicate to this desire and make your day brighter. The mind shifts and starts working differently after being engaged in something we love to do.  Surprise yourself. Do not focus on the results you expect. It is more about the creative journey itself and the feelings you experience while taking that journey.


The pleasure of reading

Turn our reading time into an intimate adventure, make it a quiet ritual. Brew up some  of our favorite tea, find a spot we love in our home to cuddle up, get cozy and dive right into that book we have been wanting to read.


Seek connection

We are not alone and there are like minded people in this world who are doing things like we do. Go ahead  and find a connection even if only in a virtual world online. People like Olivia, Linda and Sissel of the Creative Journey are creating communities and many more people are gathering live (now there keeping in touch online) to share their skills and talents. The important thing is to stay connected and keep communicating. Ideas and dreams that have been heard by other creatives take on a certain magic that turns them into reality once shared.

We hope that we practice creativity in everyday life, which helps us to accept and even make changes for the future. The slow living movement really has a positive effect not only on us human beings but also on all life on earth, including our planet herself. 

That old saying: Less is More really does make sense when you understand that decreases in consumption, pollution and in waste has a direct connection to increases in our health and wellness. Part of that is by mindfully choosing conscious fashion, opting for conscious eating and conscious traveling.... All these aspects of life touch all aspects of our daily lives and the right choices improve the quality of our life and that of our surroundings. 

Our heart goes out to all people who have been terribly affected by the recent events in the world. Now that our choices are reduced, for the time being, on how and with whom we spend our time, why not seize this moment to practice slow living and make a difference in our perspective and in our life.

“Smile, breathe and go slowly.” — Thich Nhat Hanh

With love,
Son de Flor
All these gorgeous pictures were taken by Elle-May Watson.
All the dresses in the pictures are by us.
Most sincere thank you for  Olivia, Linda Lomelino and Sissel and everybody who participated for this magical experience.
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28 mars, 2020
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