The festive season is all about joy. But often we find ourselves weighed down by what feels like duty rather than choice. We can easily get lost in last minute to-do lists, often getting caught up in the stressful bustle and the mad rush leading up to our gathering with friends and family. This can cloud our experiencing the joy of the season.  

Here at Son de Flor we like to think of this time of the year described by the Danish word: hygge — something shared, like a cozy hug. Hygge is finding comfort in each other's company while sharing good times. This festive season, let’s consider bringing a bit of hygge with us to whoever we may visit and wherever we may go.

How can we invoke the spirit of hygge? It is simple. When considering our holiday gift list we can add thoughtful slow-living gifts. These type of gifts invite us to slow down and take a moment, they create a lingering experience way after the unwrapping. They offer us a reason to take a moment with ourselves, to indulge in something enjoyable, appreciate something invaluable and, why not, experience the out-of-ordinary. Here are some slow-living gift ideas for this holiday season.

Some Food and Cooking

Who doesn’t have a favorite foodie in our life? Treat them with a cookbook, add some fresh ingredients to encourage a first step in practicing the recipes. Maybe a vegan cook book with a bundle of artichokes tied in a purple ribbon. Or consider a fresh pressed linen apron with a bunch of carrots held together with green yarn.

That favorite garment

For that friend who is always eager to ask us,  with a gasp: “Where did you get that?” Wrap up one of our gently worn garments, one they have shown fondness for. Or we can choose one that would suit them: like that classic ethically made linen dress they love on us. Here at Son de Flor we have a special love for linen that grows fonder after a few washes, infused with memories wrapped up in hygge for years to come. Try adding a card invitation for a walk in the woods wearing the dress and create new memories hand in hand. This could easily become a shared tradition.


Craft a gift

Whether we create a gift with our own two hands or turn to our favorite local artisan, offering a hand-made gift is offering hygge, maybe even customized just for them. We at Son de Flor are gifting you with a small wooden ornament inscribed with our name as a keepsake for you, with every purchase you make. We hope this hand crafted piece will find its way onto your tree, wreath or nail to remind you of this season when you bought that special garment, which maybe next season you will gift to your friend!


Share an experience

Who does not have wanderlust? Even if it is to the town park, we love to visit new places, especially with loved ones, who make it that more special.  A great idea is to send out invitations for a Bonfire Picnic in the nearby forest. Or for city dwellers, Star Gazing with mulled wine or apple cider on the rooftop. Take some thoughtful photos to gift to them afterwards and make the moment last forever.

Offer a kind word

Many of us are far away from our loved ones. Often the distance or even the weather is not permitting. Do not underestimate the power of a phone call. Take a moment, grab a cup of jasmine or green tea, cozy up with a blanket and call your mom, sister, old uncle,  grandmother, friend. Just hearing each other and sharing a giggle or a memory, these are just the things that make our holiday shine brighter.

Give of your talents

We all have hidden talents or celebrated skills. Maybe it is an instrument we play, a recipe we are good at,  poetry, drawing, even organizing a closet… What is your special talent you could share? It might be in the form of a piece of music we recorded for them, a pie we baked, a poem we wrote, or an offer to clean out their clutter. What you will share is more than a gift it is a piece of who you are when thinking of them. 

Our own list of ideas could go on forever but still remains quite simple.  Adding that key ingredient, that measure of sentiment and pinch of thoughtfulness to our gift creates an aura of hygge, which will not only be given once, but will be recreated in the moments before and after with each other and even for seasons to come.

Here at Son de Flor we have you covered for last minute gift ideas that carry the feeling of slow living and thoughtfulness. Consider a Son de Flor Gift Card and add to the season for sharing.

Talk to us about a special gift you received that created that that warm feeling for you.  We enjoy reading of your special memories, activities or traditions you cherish during the holiday season. We would love to hear from you in the comments below.

And may magic surround you and warm your heart this season, keeping the spark alive through the New Year!

With Love, 
Son de Flor


14 décembre, 2019
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🍃…may this message find you in a quiet gentle kind of moment,,,

~ it is always such a pleasure to come to your serene part of the woods ~ and ~ just simply taking this opportunity to thanking you with a heart filled with gladness for all that you do,,,

~ with kindest regards from me to you…🍃

Della :

What lovely ideas for a truly slow-lived holiday!! Happy holidays to all!!

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