How to Care and Clean Wool Clothing? Basic Tips!

Wool is synonymous with colder days and is an absolute winter staple. After all, it’s long lasting, durable and oh-so warm.

Here at Son de Flor, we’ve even made a few classy coats and cozy sweaters from Italian wool, ideal for winter layering with our organic linen dresses. This allows you to wear your favorite flax linen piece of clothing all-year round.


How to Care and Clean Wool Clothing?


A very sustainable and comfy material indeed, wool will last you through many cold autumn and winter days.

But how to care and how to wash wool clothing? Can you toss your wool garments into the washing machine? What about the water temperature for wool clothing? What’s the best way to store it? How do you dry it?

We’re here to help you find the answers to all of the questions related to how to care wool clothing.

Gentle Care 

Wool requires gentle care, which is kind of what slow living is about. No need to rush. Simply follow a few easy tips and enjoy your cozy woolen garments when you’re wearing them over linen clothing or other fabrics, and stay warm (and classy!) even when it’s really chilly outside.

To summarize, it is advisable to give your woolen clothing items some rest between wears.

When a piece of clothing has been worn a few times, use tepid water to wash it by hand or wash it using a cold wash program setting on your washing machine.

To preserve the material, you should avoid bleaching, rubbing the garments or soaking them for a prolonged time. Make sure you rinse out the garment well and let it dry flat, out of direct sunlight.

How to Care and Clean Wool Clothing?

And now, let’s look into each tip in greater detail.

Storage of Woolen Item

Proper woolen item storage can help your wool clothing stay “fit”

Wool fibers tend to spring back to shape when not constantly worn. And when you want to store them, your woolen items should be kept in the dark, which helps keep the color bright. Store them flat in your wardrobe or hang on a wooden or padded hanger. Only store your wool clothing items when they’re clean and completely dry.

Rare Wool Washing

Rare washing will help wool retain its shape and color

And when you have to wash your woolen items, try to treat the small stains separately to save both the material and water. If the item requires full washing, once it’s been washed and thoroughly rinsed, avoid twisting or wringing it. Instead, place it flat on a towel, then gently roll it all up to have the excess water absorbed. When that’s been done, it’s time to lay it flat to air-dry completely, but keep it out of the sun.

Gentle Steam

Gentle Steam

Gentle steam will fluff your woolen clothing up

When you’re ready to go out wearing your favorite robe en lin, use the wool setting on your iron to ensure your woolen sweater, shawl, cardigan or coat is looking great as well. Some steam from a hand-held steamer can also help highlight the natural fluffiness of the wool fibers.

And that’s it! Use these simple tips and care for your beautiful wool sweaters, coats or other wool clothes to preserve their fabulous appearance for many frosty days to come. It’s easy – just give your wool garments a rest, wash them seldom and store them properly. And to give them a “face-lift”, use gentle steam. 

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