Instantly recognizable style, witty captions showing a healthy dose of self-awareness, not to mention lots of coffee, linen dresses and that fabulous red hair! Just try to resist the charm of photographer Helena Moore - one of our favorite and most inspiring women to follow on Instagram. Finding beauty in everyday moments in her cozy home in Michigan and its stunning surroundings, Helena's photos have a magical ability to make us pause and appreciate life's little rituals and fleeting moments of calm.

How did you discover photography? What drew you towards the creative path of your life?

I've always been a visual artist. I've done quite a lot of drawing and painting. But when I started having kids I didn't have as much time for that anymore. I really started getting into photography when I got a smartphone and I had the ability to take photos and edit them in my few spare moments during the day. From there I just started learning everything I could about creating images.


Where do you find inspiration for your work? How do you rest when it all becomes too intense?

I find inspiration mostly by enjoying photography of others, and letting myself be drawn in by moments and memories.

And rest? Some days I'm not even sure what that is!
But I do love spending time with my husband. We have so much in common and we really are great friends. With him is the one place I can relax and be completely comfortable.

How did you manage to grow such a big and beautiful community around your works? Any insights for thosewho are still striving for it?

I really try to always continue learning photography, imagery, composition and lighting in order to improve my skill enough to allow me to create a feeling or a story in an image. I love photos that feel like a memory, and that hold some bit of magic, so I really just strive to be able to create what's in my head and hope others connect with it as well.
I think if an artist loves what they create it really shows through, and others love it because of that.

Please explain your relationship with coffee ;-)

I just love it!  To me coffee means slowness and calm mornings, talks with friends and cozy moments. The whole process of grinding fresh coffee while you wait for the water to boil so you can brew a slow pour over is just one of life's very good things.

How did you find out about Son de Flor? What was your first impression?

I found Son de Flor while browsing through my explore page on Instagram. My first impressions were, those dresses are gorgeous and would be a dream to photograph! ;)

Do you have a favorite season of the year?

My favorite season is by far autumn! The colors and smells and that little bit of chill in the air after a long hot summer. It's all just a wonderful time to be alive.

What secrets are you hiding Helena? Is there something about you that would surprise even your best friend?

I don't have anything that would surprise my close friends. However most of my Instagram followers would probably be surprised to know that I am also a singer ;)

Please share a life lesson you've learnt and one that you're still learning.

A life lesson that I have learned is the importance of being graceful to myself during those times I feel like a terrible, parent, wife, friend...(fill in the blank). We're all just figuring out this whole life business and being gracefully to myself helps me to understand and extend more grace to others is difficult situations. Also, still learning and practicing that one as well. ;)


Thank you Helena for sharing a glimpse of your life with us. We'd love to grab a cup of coffee with you sometime! 

For daily moodiness and inspiration, follow @helena.moore

All photography by Helena Moore. 

Helena is wearing the Long Sleeve Smock Dress in White Magnolia, the Sleeveless Smock Dress in Natural Linen and the Sleeveless Petticoat in White Cotton

10 décembre, 2017
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