From Shirin, with Love

'Collaborating with Son de Flor on this collection was an absolute honour and special experience! We share our belief in the beauty and slowness of life and the importance of nature and put it into our creations. Our designs are for all the romantic people who dare to dream and make this world a better place!' ~ Shirin Altsohn, @shirinatra

Dear Shirin, tell us a little about yourself!

I’m Shirin, also known as Shirinatra on my social media platforms. I’m 25 years old, from Germany and I’m a lover of everything vintage and nostalgic, which includes literature, films, music, interior and most importantly – fashion. For me clothing is a way of expressing yourself and romanticising your life and I want to show people that they can live their true self while making their life around them beautiful. 

You’re touching our hearts with your beautiful-romantic and nostalgic style. Tell us, what inspires you? 

I get my fashion inspiration mainly from the past – the Victorian and Edwardian Era, the 1920s to the 1950s but also the more modern 1960s and 1970s – no matter if it’s feminine or androgynous. But it’s not just the fashion itself that fuels my creativity. It’s also the 19th century paintings from Monet or Sargent, old Hollywood movies with Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly, novels by Jane Austen; Charlotte Bronte and Agatha Christie that give me ideas for my work and daily life. Simply put: I like to surround myself with beautiful thing and whenever I wear my linen pieces, I can add some of that feeling to my life too!

What linen dresses mean to you? Why do you choose it? 

To me linen dresses mean a celebration of the beauty of nature as well as a slowness and appreciation of quality. They are a conscious decision, not only for me but also the planet. The fact that I can wear a well-made garment from natural fabric and do something good for the environment is very special. Linen makes me feel beautiful and comfortable. It’s soft on my skin and flows nicely when twirling around. It’s versatile all year around, keeping me warm and cold, thanks to the fabric itself but also the amount of styling options it offers, and I adore that it builds those rather artistic creases throughout the day, making it look special every single time. But what I appreciate most, is that it’s made to last for generations and is therefore more than a piece of clothing for me - it’s a treasure full of history and love, a companion that stays with you and the future. Those are the reasons why I chose it and will continue to do so! 

Can you tell a little of your story with Son de Flor? What makes Son de Flor special for you? 

My story with Son de Flor started back in 2018 and I still remember very vividly how I spotted your dresses for the first time, immediately falling in love! At that time, I didn’t know much about linen fabric. I was aware of it but I didn’t know about it’s positive sides. When I finally received my first Son de Flor dress through a collaboration, after dreaming of it for quite a while, I knew that something changed within me. Not only did I feel absolutely comfortable in its cut, it also opened my eyes for the beauty and importance of natural fabrics and I thank Son de Flor immensely for making that possible. 

What is your first garment from us? Which one is your all-time favorite?

My first Son de Flor dress was the Classic Dress Short Sleeves in a grey colour. My all-time favourite is the Classic Dress Long Sleeves in all kinds of shades whether that is in black, brown, green or natural linen. It has been the most versatile piece for me throughout the whole year since it can be dressed up or down, for summer or winter, with all different kinds of accessories and I know I’ll wear it for many years to come.

Can you reflect a little on the co-creation between yourself & Son de Flor?

When Son de Flor reached out to me to collaborate on a co-design project a dream came true! I knew I wanted to combine the classic style of Son de Flor with my own love for nostalgia. Their pieces always made me feel like the main character of a novel, conveying a certain kind of romance, which I wanted to capture too. So I got inspired by two of my favourite novels “Pride and Prejudice” by Jane Austen and “Jane Eyre” by Charlotte Bronte. Both books play in the 19th century, setting some of the core elements of my designs which infinitely got combined with a touch of 1950’s fashion – 1800’s meets 1900’s – and so the Darcy and Eyre Dresses were born. The Darcy Dress named after Mr. Darcy from “Pride and Prejudice” comes with big sleeves and ruffle details which were part of the male style in the Regency era. The Eyre Dress named after the main character of “Jane Eyre” comes with a beautiful straight neckline, highlighting the collar bones, which was seen in the female style of the Victorian era. Thanks to the final touch of timeless modernity, the wide skirts and pockets, they are practical and romantic at the same time and I couldn’t be happier with how they turned out. I’m in love with our co-designs!

Which dress from the co-creative collection do you like the best? 

I love the Darcy Dress in brown and the Eyre Dress in Black Pansy. Forgive me, I can’t choose only one since I love them all! The Darcy can be perfectly styled for a dark academia look, one of my favorite aesthetics, and the wrapping offers a lot of comfort, which I adore. It’s big sleeve also add such a wow effect making you feel truly special. The Eyre is the perfect little black dress for every occasion since it can be worn for daily activities but those special events as well, depending on how you style it. Besides that it’s not only inspired by one of my favourite literary characters but also very much reminds me of Audrey Hepburn who has to be one of my biggest inspirations. Therefore it works for different kinds of style eras and makes THE versatile piece of clothing! I love that!

On what occasions do you wear Son de Flor pieces and how do you style our linen dresses with other garments from your wardrobe? Any tips?

I like to wear Son de Flor on all my adventures no matter if it’s in nature or the city and I’ve been doing so during the past years. Whether that is on a long walk through the forests with comfortable boots, on an evening date at a theatre with some beautiful jewelry or a cozy day at home with a messy bun – I wear their pieces pretty much everywhere I can and that’s the amazing thing about them!

One of my favourite tips: combine your dress with a skirt on top, put a blouse over your dress or add a turtleneck pullover underneath it to create a completely new outfit. If you want to play around with the silhouette, add a leather belt or corset. Sometimes a nice type of hat, whether that’s a beret; a fedora; a flat cap or straw hat, can also be enough to make a SdF piece even more special. But after all my main tip is to just have fun and find what suits you best. Son de Flor offers so many possibilities for all kinds of women! 

Is there any quote of inspiration or a little line of motivation would you like to share with our readers?

First of all, don’t be afraid to dream and romanticise your life. I think it says a lot about a person when they can see the beauty around them and give it a real chance. There’s no childishness about it, I think it is a strength that should be kept alive!

Secondly, follow all your passions in fashion. Don’t restrict yourself to an aesthetic when you feel that there’s more within you. More that you want to dive into, more you want to fulfill. Have fun with all your different sides no matter how contrary they may be. Build a style that uniquely suits you, brings you comfort and happiness - and eventually you’ll see how much positivity it brings into the rest of your life as well!