Everyday Romance Even in Winter with Son de Flor!

Brighten up your days with these winter outfits which were inspired in equal parts by frosty days and dark, cold nights and longing after the first touch of spring in Paris. These looks will take you through the end of winter in style!

Creating Sondeflor was a sigh of relief. No chasing of trends, no ‘out of fashion’ dilemma, no need wipe the shelves at least four times a year to make room for a new collection. Timeless, versatile and long-lasting styles that we never wanted to take off are what we stand for.

Our most neutral style – the classic dress is never too much or too little, just right. It will never make you feel uncomfortable in any situation. Be it a work meeting. Evening drinks. A trip to the cinema or market place. A school meeting, birthday or any other important occasion. A safe choice that adapts to your needs – casual or elegant. Just like a best friend, it will never let you down and always remind you who you really are.

It’s interesting to see how small details change the face of our classic dress. High-heels or beloved artsy boots. Bensimon sneakers or Hunter boots. An oversized shawl or white collar. Fitted leather jacket on top or cape coat. Whimsical accessories like a beaver hat or beret. A cropped sweater or Sondeflor wool sweater for warmth.

Improvising is so easy with this dress. Add our prairie apron and go back in time when women were still fighting for the right to vote. Put on your elegant high heels, add a glass of champagne and be the most elegant woman in the restaurant. Jump into sneakers, grab your oversized tote bag and meet the smiles of lovely grocery shop owners. A white collar and comfy dancing shoes will make you the star of a birthday party. A dress for any occasion.

The smock dress is no less interesting to play with. It’s casual and more bohemian, thus unleash you heart and just enjoy the freedom of thought and movement. My favorite way to style our smock dress for winter is pairing it with jeans, boots and a big shawl. Wear it with Nike Air, colorful leggings, a tight leather jacket and knit beanie. Imagination can take you to magical places. Not to stand out and still feel comfortable at work - elegant boots, dark tights, long necklace or silk shawl. Too cold outside? Match it with any of our wool coats. Looking forward for a trip to the country? Fits perfectly well, just jump into your rain boots or light sneakers and cover up with a chunky sweater. Rolled sleeves and a straw hat will complete your seaside. Even if it’s raining, grab a raincoat and feel free to enjoy the nature no matter what tale the sky is reading you.

And even though our peter pan collar shirt looks very artsy when combined with our classic skirt, wearing it with jeans gives a totally different casual elegant feeling. Safe choice for work or a weekend full of culture, coffee with friends or dinner with family. 

Just like the skirt! Wear it with an oversized T-shirt tucked in (imagine a red skirt with a breton stripe top - are we all in Paris, or is it just me?) and white sneakers. Or match it with with high-heels and an elegant spring coat. Dance shoes, linen tote bag and cardigan full of stars. Every day romance and a heart full of songs.


I could go like this forever and the best part is that these choices never go out of fashion.  Timeless elegance. A pinch of imagination. Teaspoon of modesty, improvisation and simply just being yourself. 

We promise more tips and pictures on how to bring romance and uniqueness into your daily routs with Sondeflor garments or matching it with other beloved items of your closet. In the meantime, take a look at our Winter Lookbook 2016 or see our proposal for Everyday Romance and smile to the last month of the cold season!

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