Floral Pattern Enigma

For quite a while we have been dreaming of adding some floral patterns to our linen dresses and skirts. We could not decide though should these be small or large prints, monochromic or colorful, blue or pink.

So we have created a small mock-up to hear your opinion. See our Instagram bucket opinions here, yet also feel free to comment and share your thoughts in the comments below. Thank you so much in advance!

Summer Meadow

Blue Petals

Colorful Roses

August Breeze

Pink Roses

Sunset Skies

Starry Night

Home Garden

Blue Roses

Sugar Rush

Please note none of these patterns are in the shop yet, because we are still dwelling on them, once we hear your voice, we will move forward with this floral project! Keep your eyes open and stay in touch for further updates! 

Yours, Son de Flor

7 commentaires

  • Ashley

    I love Home Garden and Blue Petals!


    Hi!!Personaly I wouldn’t prefer floral prints because I think the surface is too wide for, anyway I would like to see more embroidery designs for examble at the end of the sleeves, the waist or at the end of the skirt. Discreet, romantic themes taken from nature and animals.
    mush of love,

  • Marta

    Summer meadow, Sunset skies, August breeze and Starry night – these are the most beautiful designs in my opinion.
    And the pattern Starry night was not on instagram. Why?
    And the Summer meadow pattern just stole my heart💚

  • Carole Thomas

    Home garden and blue petals are my favorites! They remind me of beautiful old fashioned cotton lawn dresses 🌷

  • Son de Flor Team

    We appreciate your comments! For all special orders, please contact us at info@sondeflor.com

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