Due to Covid-19

As you see our linen styles are traveling widely on a global map. Even though we do not experience any major negative impact on worldwide deliveries, due to the circumstances of Covid-19 some cases might slip from our hands. To avoid any inconvenience, we'd like you to know:

- We are working full capacity despite the Covid-19 and we will dispatch your order as soon as possible!

- If you want your purchase to reach you within 2-3 working days, please choose our express delivery service!

- Due to Covid-19 regular post deliveries might take longer because of the increased load on national post services.

- If your purchase is traveling longer than you expect, please try tracking it by the number provided by your order dispatch confirmation and get in touch with our team!

We want to thank you all for placing orders and spreading our timeless linen fairy tale no matter the circumstances! In case of difficulty, we want to assure that no one will be left behind and we will go through every step together! Please get in touch with Ruta (ruta@sondeflor.com) if you are worried.

On behalf of Son de Flor team, we hope your summer is full of magic and linen!

2 commentaires

  • MorningStar Wilson

    Thank you very much. I actually emailed you this morning because of the month delay of my package. I do understand once it’s left it’s out of your hands. It’s definitely frustrating, but no ones fault. Appreciate it and look forward to possible future orders! Blessings!

  • Lynda Gannon

    Thank you for posting this, it’s reassuring. My dress is marked as having left Lithuania and being in transit to the UK since 28th of April so I was a little worried but I guess that’s only 5 working days. The Royal Mail site says the same. I should be more patient in these strange times! Thank you.

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