We have a lovely saying in Lithuania: "Get your sled for the winter ready in the summer." That's exactly what happened over the last week during our Christmas photoshoot! The weather was fantastic, the mood was dreamy and Christmas felt so close and yet so far away!

We can't wait for December to knock on our door! So many beautiful ideas and surprises we are preparing for all of you over this lovely time of the year. So many gifts and stories. In fact, some of our dresses create Christmas mood themselves, just like our Classic Dress in Red Tartan or Smock Dress in Evergreen..

Oh well, but let's not move too fast! There is still plenty to do and experience before Christmas hit, for now, just a sneak-peek to the backstage we hope you will enjoy!

Watch our short video!

And some pictures as well!

Thinking of your own Christmas mood? See our Fall/Winter News for you inspiration!

25 septembre, 2020
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