20 Simple Black And White Outfits For Women

Planning outfits for the day shouldn’t be complicated. We know the struggle when you rush from a business meeting to a classy dinner date - that’s when the timeless black and white outfits come to the rescue!

Well-curated black-and-white essentials can be your weapon for days when you must look sophisticated without hassle. 

Yes, it doesn’t matter whether you’re into bright-coloured or minimalistic-coloured attire collections. Adding black-and-white ensembles to your wardrobe can make all the difference!

Here’s the validation that the black-and-white combo is far from plain and boring:

#1 Plain White Sleeves Top And Checkered Skirt

Plain White Sleeves Top And Checkered Skirt

Nothing beats a good blend of simplicity and playfulness when pairing plain tops with plaid bottoms. The pattern on the wrap skirt adds a dynamic element to the overall look, infiltrating fun and motion. Adding a pair of black loafers can also refine your attire.

The styling here is in the in-between. You can rock this ensemble if you aim for a minimal yet quirky outfit for your next casual outing or semi-formal gathering.

#2 White Long Dress With Belt

White Long Dress With Belt

The ethereal white dress oozes fineness and purity. Further, the white waistband includes a touch of structure, which can accentuate your beautiful curves. It’s also suitable for various events — you can showcase this outfit from cocktail parties to garden gatherings.

Pair it with silver or pearl jewelry to add a pop of color. If you want a clutch for a modern twist, you may wear a hat with a black ribbon.

#3 Long Checkered Dress

Long Checkered Dress

When you’re feeling lazy and choosing an outfit feels like a heavy task, just put on this black and white wrap dress, and you’re good to go. This piece is the perfect balance of elegance and comfort. It’s an ideal dress alternative for lazy days.

On top of that, you don’t have to be a fashionista to rock this out. Just toss on some accessories and pair them with slide sandals or sneakers for a modern tone.

#4 Puffy White Top, Black Hat, And Long Black Pencil Skirt

Puffy White Top, Black Hat, And Long Black Pencil Skirt

Choosing a puffy white top is excellent if you want to look more feminine.

It creates a gentle touch against the boldness of the skirt and hat. The long skirt presents an elongated profile that compliments various body types. Completing the look, the black hat adds a sense of mystery to the vibe. 

This trio embodies the essence of modern elegance. You can totally slay this outfit on a classy soiree or if you’re attending vintage-themed parties.

#5 Long White Sleeves Underneath A Black Skirt Jumper

Long White Sleeves Underneath A Black Skirt Jumper

Why choose between being classy and playful when you can do both? Wearing long white sleeves underneath a black skirt, jumper is the perfect blend of looking charming while not going out of style. This outfit brings the best of both worlds.

The duo is not only visually appealing. It also captures contemporary sophistication.

It’s an excellent choice when you want to unleash your inner kid without compromising on trendy vibes.

#6 White Button-Front Jumpsuit And Checkered Flannel Underneath

White Button-Front Jumpsuit And Checkered Flannel Underneath

The power of monochromatic styling never gets old in the fashion industry. You might appreciate this outfit if you’re a ‘90s grunge and urban street-style girly. This look captures the perfect combination of modern with a hint of nostalgia.

In addition, the touch of modern minimalism of the long white jumpsuit complements very well with a dash of throwback flair of the checkered flannel.

This black-and-white combo definitely taps into our generation's love for sustainable fashion!

#7 Long White Dress With Black Belt and Black Ribbon Sun Hat

Long White Dress With Black Belt and Black Ribbon Sun Hat

Do you know how a black belt can complement a white dress? And that’s the beauty of fashion - there’s always room for experimenting and doing mixes and matches. It’s like yin-yang, but in fashion.

If you want to look bold yet elegant, putting on a white dress and adding black accents, such as wearing a black belt and a hat with a black ribbon, is better.

More than that, the black belt makes the ensemble genuinely pop. You can flash this outfit on a dinner date or a garden reception.

#8 Black Waistcoat And White Long Skirt

Black Waistcoat And White Long Skirt

Here comes another effortless combination just for you. This dynamic duo is perfect if you want people to look at your outfit longer.

The black waistcoat showcases refined power, while the flowing white skirt conveys a hint of grace and femininity.

More than that, the contrast between the pieces demonstrates the proper mix of classic elements and modern flair. This outfit also presents how willing the dresser is to push boundaries in today’s fashion trends.

#9 Black Victorian Coat With Long White Skirt

Black Victorian Coat With Long White Skirt

First and foremost, true fashion knows no boundaries. This next one might be a little funny, but properly wearing them can result in a uniquely stunning ensemble.

The truth is, your black Victorian coat already sets a sleek outfit base. But if you want to capture people’s attention, add a touch of unexpected charm - the white skirt underneath.

This bold getup choice showcases your power to blend unpredicted styles!

#10 Checkered Dress, Red Handbag And Hat

Checkered Dress, Red Handbag And Hat

Again, a splash of red against a black-and-white backdrop creates an intriguing center of attention.

In addition to adding visual interest, red signifies confidence, automatically showcasing your proficiency and courage to experiment with style.

Your classic checkered dress will act as the canvas for this unpredictable ensemble.

Now, let’s shift our focus to the red handbag - this accessory enhances your impact and sets the whole outfit looking bold and captivating.

#11 Classic Black Wool Coat

Classic Black Wool Coat

Winter’s breeze shouldn’t keep you from acing your fashion game. This is for you if you’re looking for a winter outfit but still want to look cute and comfortable.

Beyond its simple style, this overall will not compromise your warmth.

The wool coat never gets out of the brand - basic, yet feminine looking. This winter piece will surely keep you both in style and heat.

#12 Simple Long Sleeve White Dress With Black Ribbon Belt

Simple Long Sleeve White Dress With Black Ribbon Belt

Let's turn your basic long white dress into a timeless and stylish outfit by adding subtle details to it.

As you can see, the classic white gown is a universal base, while the black ribbon belt accentuates your shape.

This clothing ensemble embraces the power combo of minimalism and understated beauty.

The white dress is already stylish, but with an additional black shade, your look can be more elegant and presentable.

#13 Ruffle White Top And Black Leather Skirt

Ruffle White Top And Black Leather Skirt

If you think these two will not work well together, your brain only plays with you.

Open your closet, get a puffy white blouse and black leather skirt, and check yourself in the mirror. See the innocent charm of the blouse and alluring skirt

Put on your ankle strap heels to lock this outfit. So whether you’re just off to a girl’s night or a daytime rendezvous, this top and bottom will make you feel more empowered and daring.

#14 White Long Sleeves And Black Semi-Circular Skirt

White Long Sleeves And Black Semi-Circular Skirt

A white long-sleeved top and black skirt are actually perfect for every occasion.

Formal white suits are often seen in business meetings as they radiate a sense of poise and authority while still looking neat and clean.

It’s wild how many styles you can incorporate with one white-sleeve top. If you want to add a intriguing factor to this fit, you can wear a belt. While you’re at it, make sure to pair it with heels.

#15 White Long Sleeves And Baggy Trousers

White Long Sleeves And Baggy Trousers

Yes, you’re not crazy for thinking of this combination, especially if you strive for  comfortable outfit for your errand.

The white top will be your canvas for accessorizing, while the baggy trousers can help you feel more relaxed.

It’s not only ideal for all-day wear. You can also put them on for a casual brunch with friends. It’s an excellent option that offers comfort while still being cute.

#16 White Dress With Black Corset

White Dress With Black Corset

Chanel your inner Disney princess and wear a white dress with a black corset.

This edgy combination look gives major modern princess vibes. It’s both enchanting and elegant.

The white dress flaunts the ethereal feel, while the black corset contrasts it with a fierce touch.

It’s perfect if you’re hitting a garden reception or a night out with your colleagues. This outfit will make you feel like royalty, ready to create a scene.

#17 White Long Sleeves And Black Mini Skirt

White Dress With Black Corset

This particular getup is one of those examples of a perfect black-and-white minimalist style. It can also make you want to dance like a ballerina. This fit with mini classic skirt also flatters the dresser’s figure while capturing poise and sophistication.

The thing about today’s fashion is you can do whatever you want. Pair this look with dainty ballet flats, or go bold with a pair of killer heels. You can easily flaunt this fit on an evening rendezvous or daytime picnic.

#18 Vertical Striped Sleeves And Black Skirt

Vertical Striped Sleeves And Black Skirt

You don’t have to sacrifice style to make your fit simple. The visually appealing top contrasts the solid colour of the bottom.


This combo is far from boring!

The vertical white stripes also create an illusion of height - perfect if you’re into that goal. Ideally, you can use this for a casual brunch with friends.

After all, it’s a comfy fit for daily lazy days.

#19 Black On Black Outfits

Black On Black Outfits

Contrary to most beliefs, wearing all black doesn’t equate to sadness and sorrow. It’s time we debunk that myth.

After all, it’s far from being basic and mundane.

The secret to slaying black-on-black fits is how you can play with contrasts. Don’t combine similar textures. Instead, add plain with leather. Just accessorize with eye-catching belts and minimalist pieces of jewelry for more personality.

#20 White On White Outfits

White On White Outfits

The fashion world may evolve rapidly - what’s trendy today may not be fashionable tomorrow.

But one all-time favorite trend remains steadfast: an all-white ensemble. Though some may argue that wearing all-white is bland, the key is how you carry the attire.

Layering different fabrics is the secret to making this clothing combination work like all-black outfits.

Additionally, white reflects natural light. This creates a bright aura that complements various skin tones.


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Can You Wear Black and White Together?

Absolutely! In fact, black and white pairs can make you look more sleek and on-fleek. Although this classic duo is monotonous, it’s still perfect for every occasion. Just make sure the combination is balanced and not overpowering the other.

What is a Black and White Outfit Called?

The official name for black and white outfits is monochrome dressing. It derives from a Greek word that translates to “single color.” This is where you wear a single shade of black and white to have a more basic and cleaner ensemble.

Most people use monochromatic pairs to avoid looking dull. They tend to move away from bold dressing to look more casual and formal at the same time.

What Other Colors Go With Black and White Clothes?

While dressing in black and white is already an excellent fashion style, it’s also a great option to add a pop of color. Take note that it’s all about representing your unique style confidently. With that, you can add pink, yellow, green, or red — it’s up to the occasion. 

Is Black and White Trendy?

Yes, most people even consider this combo as aesthetic. Its versatility and timelessness make it perfect for every event. This is why most home interior design colors are gray, white, and black. It’s simple yet very appealing.