Timeless Styles for Fashion Evolution

Seems we are slowly getting liberated from the lock-down with the joy of exploring surroundings and our social lives again! Let’s not forget what it meant to lose the touch of nature for a while and commit to changing some of our habits for the Love of our Earth.

June is the month when we are celebrating the Day of Environment as well as the Day of the Oceans. How is fashion connected to all of this? Well, scientists say that our fashion consumption patterns directly influencing this industry commits to 10% of humanity's carbon emissions, dries up water sources, and pollutes rivers and streams. What's more, 85% of all textiles go to the dump each year. And washing some types of clothes sends thousands of bits of plastic into the ocean.

The fast fashion industry is putting a lot of effort into us feeling out of trend as fast as possible, which pushes us to consume more and dispose of as quickly. Would you believe that we are exposed to at least 52 micro seasons per year? There are quite a few truths that this industry does not want us to know and we will try to cover some of these topics within June.

We believe no more in a quick fashion revolution, however, we can slowly shift towards conscious fashion evolution by choosing timeless styles and improving some of our consumption patterns by simply being more creative. Besides being aware of WHAT we are wearing, which includes the production and composition of fabrics our clothes are made of and by, why don’t we turn to HOW we are wearing our clothes, which is entirely in our hands and involves STYLING it as well as washing, drying and storing to prolong its’ life span as long as possible

To support the 'HOW' idea we have asked our friends to use their Son de Flor dress to create several different stylings and moods. Yet before we start this lovely project, please take a look at our simple tips on how to wear your Classic Peter Pan Collar Dress in White Magnolia. Enjoy!


Among some vintage and personal items, you have seen our Classic Dress in White Magnolia matched with our Classic Peter Pan Collar Jacket, Sleeveless Smock Dress in Beige, and Palisandra in Saffron color.

In the month of June we will talk fashion sustainability through the lens of style, creativity, and choice, showing how versatile Son de Flor timeless linen styles are AND encouraging the revision of your own wardrobes to recognize the hero items your daily wear is turning around and using them as a reference for future choices.

Oh, and we'd be more than happy to find your improvisations under the hashtag #mysondeflor! 

Love, Son de Flor