Dreamy Linen Wedding Story

One day, when I was a girl, my parents bought me a piano. I was already learning to play it for a few years, so first thing I have done was to dig out from the deepest corner of my drawer all the music sheets I have ever played. There are only few things that stuck in my memory from that event – one of them was how easily my fingers remembered melody and notes I have learnt long time ago. The second one was my piano teacher’s words, said after I’ve told my eagerness to play the old sheets: “Everything that’s new is well forgotten old things” and this truths helps me to find life being poetic up to this day.

Today, after long years have passed since that time, we can find her words to be true every single day. Most of all new trends or lifestyles we incorporate are something that people did few decades before us. However, you might say that a trend is only contemporary until we get bored of it. This is why it is important to find the difference between trends that are temporary and effective for a short period of time, while others remain timeless and only await for new interpretation.

One of such traditional yet so attractive is linen material. This long history carrying fabric is well known today, as sustainability is the new black of the recent lifestyle. Moreover, it seems to be staying here a bit longer, as solitary people, manufacturers and society has only covered fair boarders of the definition of viable consumption and living. Despite the fact that there still is a long way to go, more and more sustainable solutions are being presented or simply remembered. This is why centuries of usage counting linen still celebrates its simplicity, comfort and durability, thus in this this case, why not to celebrate while wearing it, too?

Linen is a magical material which offers much more opportunities than we are used to believe. In Lithuania linen is seen as a fabric for clothes, mostly worn by people living in harmony with earth – it’s related with work, but this is how it complements its durability. It is also preferred as summer apparel, but this only proves its lightness and being a breathing fabric, not to mention that it is 100% natural. As long as there are only pros, linen deserves to become a part of one of the most important moments in women’s life – be sewn as a wedding dress.

Usually, bride and her wedding dress are seen as a star of the celebration, so it takes a lot of thought and responsibility to find a perfect one. Most of the times it ends up in a glamorous and fancy way because most of the women want to or think that they have to become a princess for that day as there is such a standard. However, most of these looks have their price of comfort and enjoying yourself on that special day. Meanwhile, a wedding dress crafted from linen opens completely new dimension of feeling no less special or festive than wearing one made of laces and silk.

Today linen in itself preserves a feeling of intimate connection with your roots as it comes from Lithuanian heritage. You can sense that it tells a story even if it’s a newly made piece of clothes that never have been worn before. Some might even say that linen resembles like it has a shard of a soul or verse of poetry in its thread. Maybe it feels like it because there are many examples in folklore of linen being a very important part of the wedding as well: it was believed that this flax plant protected from a bad eye so the bride used to put a shred of linen under her dress.

There was also a tradition to gift linen towels and wear them on one’s shoulder during the celebration, and not forget to mention what important role of songs and games about linen took during the wedding. Imagine wearing a dress that is already a part of your identity and personality. It carries sense of freedom, as dress feels like a second skin not only because it has a strong charge, but also brings irreplaceable level of comfort.

And as much as it is powerful, it creates an intimate and fragile impression as well, which is nothing else but definition of femininity that Son de Flor stands for.

As mentioned before, the bride and the dress she’s wearing is what dictate the mood of the wedding. If linen might be seen as a direct reference to traditional and old-school wedding, it should be the right time to reimagine its concept. Very popular theme option for marriage celebration nowadays is rustic.

Rural and cozy elements inspired style is a perfect occasion to choose a linen wedding dress as it compliments timeless designs and surroundings of an old estate and embrace of field flowers – it remains smart in its way of being simple. However, linen wedding dress is not only a perfect fit for a traditional or rustic themed wedding – bohemian (a.k.a. boho) or nature inspired festivity perfectly incorporates linen as previous ones. And if you always had a pagan side, linen dress becomes a must – everything always depends on the details.

Linen dress is a true gem among all other dresses, as it is convertible and changes drastically even if a small detail was put on it. It is well known truth that genius hides in simplicity, so the basic form and color brings out the true natural beauty – only delicate touches of flowers is everything you are going to need. Son de Flor suggests putting on a matching belt on the waist and suddenly dress enhances elegancy of the woman.

As it only depends on creativity, any kind of smocking or embroidery shapes the dress’ look and mood as much as needed for your personal taste. If you prefer to keep it simple, small and plain detailed cuffs and collar will improve the style. But if you want a stunning and impressive dress that is as much spectacular as any other more common wedding outfit, our solution is to match masterfully crafted pieces that add opulent and luxurious effect.

Son de Flor vows for a pure white tone of the dress as a tribute for a traditional and sacral wedding dress, while everything else is open for your creativity.

Embroidery pattern created by Loré Pemberton (@lorepemberton)

Many of us are used to believe that linen material is more of a summer outfit pick and no one is ever going to deny that because it is a light, cooling and breathing fabric, so spending all day in such dress would be nothing else but a perfect decision for a bride.

However, we live in the times when more and more myths are being reconstructed, so what if Son de Flor told you that linen feels wonderful during a cold season, too? It is very body-friendly because of its natural qualities. It works very well when wearing in layers as well. Under the dress there might be hiding an underskirt, while on top of it a petticoat or shawl, creating more character no matter if remaining pure white or adding an accent of color to the look.

Since linen presents such universal qualities, it allows the dress to live a hundred different lives – it only depends on what kind of fate you will choose for it. Whereas linen is a very durable and time resistant material, after the celebration this dress of yours could become an heirloom that is passed from one generation to another.

Linen preserves its color and even snow white tones won’t become greyish or yellowish, so it might be a great opportunity to create a beautiful and heartwarming tradition of your family. On the other hand, linen dress could be easily transformed and worn over and over again on various occasions. As linen tends to bring more pleasure in a number of times of wearing it, in these consumption conscious times it demonstrates sustainable and smart way of lifestyle, too.

Last but not least important case of linen dress wearing on your wedding is incorporating it to the whole celebration. Not only dominating color is something what pulls everything together – consider choosing linen shirt for the groom and colorful pastel or vivid toned linen apparel for your wedding guests.

Such solution would look fresh and original, while groom, best man, bridesmaids or the rest members of the family would feel comfortable and sophisticated on this special day. Try not to forget about table wear since table cloth, napkins and various different details offer various solutions to complete your day in the most perfect way.

Wedding as much as other most important days in our lives has to be personal and in individual way of fashion. But it is still important not to spoil it exchanging good time into widely accepted looks that doesn’t reflect your true personality – instead feel free and inventive thinking in another way. Wedding is a time to celebrate love, family and togetherness, so the only one thing that Son de Flor sincerely recommends you - try to find what suits your heart the most.