30 Different Layering Ideas of Ethically Made Garments

In Autumn we had the pleasure to participate with many other conscious brands in a pop up shop: the London Fashion Week Addition, organized by Pause Fashion Hub.

 It was a delight to meet different like-minded creators and conscious fashion admirers and could not miss the opportunity to style our Classic Dress,  adding gorgeous accessories that we discovered at the pop up.

Son de Flor would like to especially thank Jil Carrara and Besma Whayeb, sustainable fashion bloggers, who modeled our designs and went on an adventure with us along the bustling streets of London :)

Jil, Vaida and Besma

2 Kommentare

  • Jutta

    Please style the wrap dress, because I am struggling with that a little !😕😉

  • Katharina

    The wrapdress please :)

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