How to Get Wrinkles Out of Linen Shirts and Pants? [With and Without Iron]

Wrinkles are one of main characteristics of linen fabric, but sometimes, they just need to be fixed.

Due to that a common question rises, how to actually get wrinkles out of linen?

Wrinkles can be seen as an natural and authentic part of a linen clothing. It‘s completely fine to have wrinkled linen for everyday use, but sometimes for special occasions, you might want to look a little bit more put together wearing your favorite versatile linen piece.

Also, even thought we see wrinkles on linen as charming, others might not love them as much.

There are few methods on how to achieve the wanted result in traditional and creative ways.

Keep on reading!

How to Get Wrinkles Out of Linen Shirts and Pants

Get the Wrinkles Out of Your Linen Clothes With Iron

So how to get wrinkles out of linen with an iron? Most importantly garments need to be ironed while damp.

  1. Lay your wrinkled linen shirt or pants on an ironing board.
  2. Dampen any old cotton towel or cotton shirt (can be anything made out of cotton) with tap water. It doesn’t need to be super wet, just damp. Lay your damp old cotton towel or shirt over your linen shirt or pants.
  3. Turn your iron to the highest heat, choose to use steam as well, and iron your linen garment through the damp cotton piece. You can check if it’s working by lifting small part of cotton piece, the spot on linen should be free from wrinkles.
  4. Hang your linen shirt or pants to let it fully dry.

If you happen to have a steamer, then it’s even easier:

  1. Hang your linen shirt or pants inside-out, “inner” or “wrong” side of it, preventing from anything to happen to the “right” side.
  2. Steam your linen garment with a steamer nozzle close to the fabric. You can start at the bottom and work your way up the linen shirt or pants. Steam should be rolling against the fabric and then rising up. (Work carefully not to burn your hands)
  3. You can use your hand to quickly smooth any deep wrinkles while the linen fabric is still damp. Let your linen garment hang until fully dry to maintain it smooth and prevent new creases to appear.

Get the Wrinkles Out of Your Linen Clothes Without Iron

Sometimes there are situations when you don‘t have an iron nowhere around, or you can‘t bring it with you or simply you are running late, but you still want to smoothen your linen garment.

No worries!

There are ways to achieve this.

  1. Wash your linen shirt or pants as usual. If you want to fix only certain wrinkles, then you can wet only those areas with a hand using tap water or spray them from a bottle.
  2. Hang your linen garment outside in the fresh air. (If there is no such possibility, leave it air-dry inside, but this will take longer and won‘t be as effective.)
  3. Leave it to fully dry and the wind to do its job.


If you prefer to use heat on your linen fabric to smoothen the wrinkles there is one more way to achieve that without an iron.

You can use a hot pot!

  1. Fill your pot with water and boil it.
  2. Lay your linen shirt or pants on a ironing board or any other hard surface and spray it with tap water.
  3. After the water boils, pour it out of the pot.
  4. Use the bottom of the pot which is hot as an iron to smoothen the wrinkles. But be careful, you can burn yourself!

Creativity is limitless!

If you would find any other effective ways to get the wrinkles out of your linen garments let us know !

We would love to hear them!

Tips on How to Get Wrinkles Out of Linen Clothes

Other Tips on How to Get Wrinkles Out of Linen Clothes

  1. If you need a fast and easy fix for that one annoying wrinkle that really shows off, wet your hand under tap water, and use it to straighten your linen garment by rubbing it in one direction. After that, hang it to dry or if it‘s on you, let it dry on you.

  2. Always dampen your clothes before ironing them for the process to be effective. It‘s important to moisturise the fabric for linen fibers to loosen up.

  3. Lay your linen shirt or pants on an ironing board or any other hard surface and spray it with a tap water. You can washing linen garments before and leaving them to air-dry until they are no longer wet, but slightly damp. Or you can use your hand or a spray bottle to make linen garment ready for further ironing.

  4. When ironing linen for the first time, always be gentle and check every few moments on how linen shirt or pants react to your iron and pressure.

  5. Always hang linen garment after smoothing it, don‘t fold. It‘s best to let it hang for 10-15 minutes before wearing it to fully dry.

There is more than one way to get wrinkles out of your linen shirt and pants by using iron, steamer, wind outside, your hand, or even a pot.

We are sure there are even more!

But if you are thinking to iron the linen garment every time you wear it, maybe consider leaving it wrinkled.

It doesn‘t mean that you are messy or lazy, it‘s just the charm and uniqueness of linen.

If you found these methods helpful or if you have invented any new ways of getting wrinkles out of linen shirts and pants, comment bellow!

We enjoy learning from one another!

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  • Milana, Son de Flor

    Hi, dear Gabriela,

    I’m Milana, Vaida’s helper on creating blogs here ♡ I’m sorry to hear about the shine that appeared after ironing your linen dress. This happens when the iron flattens linen fibbers to the point of creating this shine. It is great that you used a protecting layer of cotton, instead of ironing linen directly, however, it seems this was not enough to fully protect the garment. For the best results the cotton cloth needs to be damp so that linen would stay in the best form. In this situation, you could try to use the soft side of a nail file to get rid of the shine in that particular part of the dress. Another method you can try, is dip the linen into cold water and leave it overnight. This should soften those flattened fibers, and by soaking them, they can return to their normal condition. Let us know how that goes, I would be glad to help you further if needed!

  • Gabriela

    Hello ! I did iron my burgundy linen dress using a cotton cloth on top . The iron ( a regular one, no steam ) was medium high. After Ironong an area, i looked at the dress and it had a bit of a shine.. I was so worried !
    It ussualy happens?
    The steamer didn’t work at all, i tried and reviewed it twice, but the garment still had wrinkles…
    Please tell me about that shine..
    Tnanks a lot.
    If possible i would like to know who am i talking to,
    Kisses !

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