What to Wear Under Linen Clothes? Best Tips For You

Linen is one of the coziest and most comfortable fabrics in the market. Its top-of-the-line linen clothes are said to be breathable, comfortable, and stylish.

Sadly, some people have a tendency to shy away from purchasing linen clothes because they appear to be see-through in nature. In fact, there are many ways of wearing linen top and bottom wear without exposing your undergarments.

The most important thing you should learn and know right now is what to wear under linen clothes.
What to Wear Under Linen Clothes?

Linen clothes are breathable, lightweight, perfect for warm weather, and universal if appropriately styled. It is undoubtedly the ideal garment weather-wise and event-wise at the party or even office setting.

No one wanted to wear something that would stick to your body during hot, humid days. Like any other clothing apparel, linen clothes have a slight drawback: transparent appeal. Dark or bold color linen clothes are indeed okay- the white or neutral color linen clothes are quite more see-through than you'd expect.

Lucky for you, we would give you many fashion tips and tricks on what to wear under linen clothes, making you feel comfortable wearing them all day long!

This styling guide will provide you with some clever styling tips, fashion how-to ideas, and suggestions on what to wear under linen clothes to have combined elegance and comfort with Linen Fashion all day long! 

Depending on how much of the aspects of transparency are bothering you and how much you are willing to lay bare, you can explore several possible courses of action. Deliberate over the following points to know what to wear under linen dress.

What to Wear Under the Linen Dress?

What to Wear Under the Linen Dress?

  • If linen clothes' see-through aspect does not bother you and you love to wear nice linen clothes, you should be mindful of your undergarments. Undergarments that are neutral, nude, and white in color are the appropriate underwear for the neutral color linen dress. With this, you are sure that your underwear will not show off under any circumstances and definitely will not be caught at any extravagant attention. We highly recommend picking matching underwear that is unfussy and minimalistic in styles like the ones with white-lace or tap short style undies.
  • If you want to wear a more attention-grabber outfit, you should pick a more exciting undergarment with prints such as patterned prints. For instance, if you prefer animal-printed underwear, match it with a neutral basic linen dress. Lastly, pair it off with gladiator sandals for a chic outfit for an evening party at the beach this coming holiday season.
  • If the transparency of the linen dress bothers you a lot, then the perfect resolution for you is to wear short or embellished pants underneath. You might have noticed how fabulous linen dresses are since you can wear them as tunics or baggy tops. So there is no doubt how effective pairing a similar tone mini skirt or embellished pants with a neutral shade linen dress is.
  • A sheer white linen dress would look serene and pretty for a lunch date. The look is very eye-catching and timeless. The perfect way for you not to be uncomfortable with any aspects of transparency with your white linen dress is to match it with petticoat from Son de Flor. A perfect combination imbued with a beautiful romance, a suitable date fashion ensemble for all the ladies out there.
  • If the suggestions mentioned above work for you just fine, there is no problem covering yourself with a nice jacket, sweater, or long cardigan. Layering is now a fashion trend for the past few years!

How to Pick the Right Linen Dress for You?

We all know that everyone has their personal taste or preference for outfitting or dressing up.

Before looking for a suitable linen dress, you should answer this question, what dress would make you feel your best?

You might be looking for a dress to emphasize your curves or lean figure, like the Tailored Wrap Dress by Son de Flor. It is possible that you have set your mind on picking a dress with a darker shade like the Black Pansy and Evergreen variants of Classic Linen Dresses at Son de Flor; either one might be the one you are looking for.

Then again, if you prefer a more loose-fitting dress and brightly colored options like the Pinafore Dress or Classic dress with Meadow Embroidery Collar, both in Seashell white tone. This linen dress might be your perfect wear for a casual lunch meeting or while strolling around a nature park.

There are infinite possibilities in style for you, but one thing is for sure: a linen dress will constantly make you feel like a fairy-tale princess in her own happy ending even though you are not after any particular type of dress at all!

Can you Wear a Linen Dress on Strict Formal Dress Code Occasions

Can you Wear a Linen Dress on Strict Formal Dress Code Occasions?

Linen clothes, especially linen dresses, are very versatile in nature that you would love to wear them on various life occasions. The reality is that it all varies on the structure and overall design of the dress.

On a positive note, you can always find the right linen dress to wear on formal occasions, from fine dining to a traditional corporate party. If you are fond of wearing rich and dark colors, you should go for something like the Classic Dress with White Peter Pan Collar in Black Pansy - a timeless Peter Pan Collar dress that comes with short-sleeves that seamlessly blend in formal events.

Most of the bright-colored or neutral-toned linen pants are see-through, specifically the ones in white, nude, or cream colors, because of the inherent characteristic of linen which is lightweight and breathable fabric in nature. This is the reality we all have to accept and live with.

Good thing; there are certain ways for you to feel relaxed and charmingly fashionable all day long wearing linen pants! Delve into these thought-provoking and brilliant style ideas on what to wear under the linen pants.

What to Wear Under the Linen Pants

What to Wear Under the Linen Pants?

  • You should opt for nude underwear. As you probably noticed, this solution works for all linen clothes, so it is not surprising that it is highly recommended. So to stay fashionable with linen clothes at all times under any circumstance, go with nude undergarments, and you will not experience any fashion disaster whatsoever. This works with linen pants as well.
  • For those, who do not have nude underwear, you might be asking, how about those who do not have nude underwear? To answer this, light gray or off-white color undergarments will work just fine with linen pants. Bear in mind that any color tone matches your skin color is the perfect pair for your linen pants. You should be aware that you should not wear pure white or pure black colored underwear since their silhouettes will appear under your linen pants.
  • The most common undergarments to wear under linen pants are those in the shade of nude, cream color, high-waisted or box-typed underwear. More importantly, we advise that you purchase your linen pants and get some matching color undergarments at the same time.
  • One significant piece of advice you should keep in mind is that wearing white underwear under white linen pants is not a good idea for a fashionable outfit. In fact, it is a fashion disaster and the worst idea to start with.

How to be Fashionable when Wearing Linen Pants to Work?

A pair of linen pants are the most predominant choice for professional women and working moms out there, especially the white linen pants which are the top choice for summer fashion wear.

So, if you choose to wear and style linen pants, they are a selection of looks you could conceivably try out! For instance, you could try out a minimalist fashion style by keeping your overall outfit in a monochromatic color combination.

Moreover, you could take on a matching pair of colorful or bright colored linen blouse and neutral-toned linen pants, then, pairing it with colored high heel shoes to spice up your style and elevate your overall appearance to the next level!

How to Wear a Pair of Dark Linen Pants Fashionably?

When talking about dark colors in fashion clothing, it has significant advantages for you to appear extraordinarily sophisticated.

The rich blue color and variations of grey and black covers any bodily imperfections discreetly and, at the same time, make you look elegantly fashionable all the time. Why not experiment on your own by incorporating dark linen pants in your wardrobe.

You will be surprised how these dark linen pants will fit you well on any occasion all year round. In fact, you can wear just about any color with black because it is one of the easiest colors to style effortlessly.

You can literally match it with an orange, blue, green, or even fuchsia-colored top and pair it with dusky pointed heels or white sneakers, and you will have a fashionable overall outfit for everyday style!

Matching it with an oversized linen blazer or a cute classic shirt with meadow embroidery in white magnolia shows timeless elegance in your fashion outfit!

How to Style Bright-Colored Linen Pants?

Not everyone has the self-confidence and certainty to pull off a bright colored clothing and for some people a bright colored top and bottom is not a typical fashion ensemble.

In fact, wearing bright orange linen pants might be an instant no-no for many and appears to be a fashion disaster, but in reality, it really isn't.

Pairing your bright-colored linen pants with a light-colored shirt or tops like a beige or off-white toned is a perfect match!

Go all out and pair this fashion ensemble with chunky sandals or stylish boots and look the coolest and be comfortable any time of the day!

What to Wear with High-Waisted Linen Pants

What to Wear with High-Waisted Linen Pants?

High-waisted linen pants at Son de Flor are what most ladies prefer to be essential bottom wear and a necessity in every wardrobe collection.

Wearing linen pants with a high waist, particularly leg trousers, is every lady's stylish preference under all circumstances.

The Peg Leg Trousers have a flattering elegance you can match with an elegant linen blouse and pair it off with your favorite boots or heels, making it an outstanding ensemble for an everyday look.

How to Style a Fashionable Outfit with Wide-Legged Ankle-Cut Linen Pants?

Linen pants with wide-legged ankle cuts such as the linen trousers from Son de Flor are significantly in demand during the summertime. For instance, Son de Flor's Catherine trousers bring charm and femininity to your overall fashion ensemble.

A perfect example of wide-legged linen pants that will make you look fabulous and feel comfortable at the same time without effort!

Whether you are going for earthy toned wide-legged linen pants like the willow pants, you will bring out a modern chic vibe and feel comfortable at the same time all day long!

These linen pants match flawlessly with any elegant linen top and pair of heeled sandals or boots.

Take note that this kind of loose-fitting linen pants can be paired with loose-fitting tops or linen shirts. Try wearing a fitted shirt with loose linen pants and pair them with sneakers for a simple everyday look.

Also, you can wear shirts with loose pants and pair them with a simple pair of doll shoes or even make use of a linen belt to make the fit more outstanding and make you look more elegant and classy at the same time!

Linen tops naturally have a transparency or sheer-light effect, so for you not to feel uncomfortable wearing one, here are some vital fashion ideas and tips for you.

Here are some fashion ideas and suggestions on what to wear under the linen top.

What to Wear Under a Linen Top

What to Wear Under a Linen Top?

  • Handpicking a basic neutral color bra or sports bra without embroidery or patterns is the perfect underwear for a linen top.
  • You can opt for a matching color cami or basic neutral shade tank top under your linen shirt or linen blouse. The most significant thing to be concerned about when wearing a basic top is that it should be really tight, creating a shape and appearance similar to your own skin tone. Otherwise, the overall appearance of the outfit would be messy and baggy.
  • Opt for a bralette bra which is a fantastic piece of underwear you should consider wearing under your linen top. The bralette bra provides much coverage on your sheer area, more like blending a bra and crop top into one. With this, a nude or neutral color bralette bra is advisable and a perfect undergarment for everything. But if you are into a more attention-seeker outfit, we recommend wearing a more crafted bralette bra with more exotic laces or designs for an intimate or playful vibe on your overall fashion outfit or ensemble.
  • If you want to cover your belly- high-waisted linen pants, trousers, or skirts are the ones you should be wearing with your linen top. These linen clothing apparel will definitely cover the part you feel uncomfortable showing off and still keep its lovely sheer beauty at the same time. For a more clean and polished fashion style, match your linen shirt with a classic pair of linen trousers. More importantly, color contrast between the shirt and trousers is the secret for timeless elegance fashion ensemble outlook just like shoes or loafers without socks.
  • Wear a linen top with a skirt. It is easy to pick a stretchy summer skirt and match it with your new linen shirt for an ultimate summer fashion ensemble!
  • Couple your linen shirt with a lovely pair of linen shorts for ultimate comfort all day long during summertime. Shorts is the classic combo with linen shirts. Moreover, good contrasting colors of linen shorts and shirts are the summer's staple fashion wear.
  • Jeans go with everything and are a staple bottom wear for all the ladies. So pairing your favorite jeans and a white linen shirt is a perfect match!

Do You Tuck in Your Linen Shirt?

As a general rule, you should not tuck in your linen shirt because it looks best when it is well-fitted and breezy. The only reason we tucked in a linen shirt is if it is a formal linen shirt paired with suit pants and a jacket.

Should Linen Shirts be Ironed?

There is no need to iron linen clothing, including linen shirts. In fact, the natural creases and wrinkles in linen shirts are part of the charm of linen fashion, making you look drapey, relaxed, not to mention providing you with breezy and ultimate comfort.

But if you still prefer to iron your linen shirts, press it while the fabric is still damp or slightly wet for you to iron it quickly.

Bottom line

So, with these suggestions and fashion tips, did we manage to put your doubts aside about wearing linen clothes despite issues on transparency?

Believe us, linen clothes are meant to be see-through, which is generally okay. Just like the natural wrinkles or creases on your linen clothes, the lightweight or transparency of linen is a natural characteristic of linen fabric!

Now, with these stunning fashion tips and tricks on what to wear under linen clothes - there is no reason for you to feel uncomfortable purchasing and wearing one right now!

Women's Linen Clothing Collection at Son de Flor has a variety of sizes and colors to choose from, so you can definitely find the suitable linen cloth you will absolutely love for years to come, and you will definitely need wherever life takes you.