Very Peri Outfits: Trending Ideas

Have you ever heard of the wonderful color called Very Peri?

It is the official Pantone Color of the year 2022, and Pantone itself described it as a dynamic periwinkle blue hue with a vivifying violet-red undertone that blends the faithfulness and constancy of blue with the energy and excitement of red.

This color is meant to encourage creativity and personal inventiveness. We have decided to add this new color to our Hemp Collection as well as give you a few Very Peri outfit ideas and ways on how to style this gorgeous color.

Even though Very Peri was the color of 2022, we believe it is to stay in slow fashion for years.

We fell in love with this purple-blue shade which is classic and subtle. Even in a few years from now, we are convinced you will still find this color gorgeous and share amazing ways to style and show your Very Peri outfit ideas.

Veri Peri Women's Clothing

Veri Peri Women's Clothing

The world fell in love in Very Peri color the moment it was released, so did we. 

At Son de Flor, we decided to add the Very Peri color to three of our most iconic linen dresses, our community’s favorites: the Classic Dress with Short Sleeves, the Tailored Linen Wrap Dress with Short Sleeves and Smock Dress with Long Sleeves.

Our Classic Dress is a very simple and versatile garment. With its Peter Pan collar, this dress can be dressed up or down easily and fit all types of occasions: it can be worn for a casual day of self-care at home, an important meeting at your office, or even a fancy night out! 

This is the amazing superpower of this dress and probably the reason why it became one of our most iconic garments, all-time favorite and best-seller. The Classic Dress already exists in many different colors, yet we were lacking a perfect shade of blue, and we found it with Very Peri.

Very Peri Classic Dress

Another dress you can find in Very Peri color is a Tailored Wrap Dress. This elegant and versatile piece will for sure show every woman – no matter her shape, age, or size – at her feminine best.

We think it is high time to wrap yourself in this amazing periwinkle color to twirl in the meadows and enjoy the beauty of nature.

Very Peri Tailored Wrap Dress

Last but not least, our sleeveless Smock Dress is maybe a bit more on the cozy side and will be one of the best options for a day spent at home. But you said you cannot be fashionable and cozy at the same time?

It is for this exact reason that we decided to create the Smock Dress in Very Peri, so that all the ladies out there will be able to stay home, relax and be in the slow fashion at the very same time.

Very Peri Smock Dress

    Veri Peri Outfit Ideas

    We want to give a little advice and some Very Peri outfit ideas to all the amazing ladies out there who might be hesitant to wear this amazing and playful color.

    This unique shade is very easy to pair with some colors like white, pink, beige, any nude color, and green.

    Since the color has some pinkish and greenish undertones and that is the reason why the colors go along with it so well.

    Of course, white, beige and nudes are colors easy to pair with everything because they are amazingly versatile.

    Also, to our surprise, Very Peri looks amazing with yellow and orange. These are indubitably bolder options, but they are still wonderful.

    So, if you don’t know how to style the Very Peri color, we advise you to wear just one item of clothing in this color at a time and tone it down with something more neutral, like a nude jacket, a white blouse or beige trousers.

    Even if it looks complicated to style this color, we promise you, it is not.

    Now that you know how to style Veri Peri your linen dress, you might wonder where to wear it.

    Veri Peri for Everyday

    Veri Peri for Everyday

    This color is amazing as an everyday outfit, especially when spring and summer are here because its shade is so joyful and bright.

    Since all Son de Flor’s dresses are extremely versatile, you can wear your Very Peri dress every day to go to work, to attend important meetings, or just to stay home casually and relax. 

    This dress would not look out of place for a fancy dinner at a restaurant, for a sophisticated party, or just for a night out with your best friends!

    Nevertheless, if you are looking for sophistication, we recommend you to choose our Tailored Wrap Dress since it is super easy to style in a fancy way and already looks quite dressed up thanks to its V-neckline.

    On the contrary, if you are looking for a more cozy and casual Very Peri outfit idea, we would advise you to choose our Smocked Dress. This lovely dress is more on the relaxed side with its gorgeous large cut.

    The Classic Dress, on the other hand, is the perfect balance between these two options and can easily fit any occasion.

    We have talked about everyday wear, but the Very Peri color can also be suitable for big events or special days like a wedding or going to prom.

    Veri Peri for Weddings

    Very Peri is a fun and original color to wear as a wedding guest. The style of the dress you will choose will of course depend on the style and theme of the wedding you are going to.

    But with the right pair of shoes, so many of our dresses would be perfect for the occasion!

    Maybe if you are planning your wedding, you would like your bridesmaids to wear something a bit different, in a color that is not seen often.

    In this case, Very Peri might be the way to go and the best option for you! For bridesmaids, we would advise you to choose the Tailored Wrap Dress if you want your wedding to be classic and fancy.

    If you are however going for a still classic but less dressed up option, maybe more on the natural side, the Cottagecore Dress will be perfect! And why not choose the Malala Dress if you want a relaxed wedding ceremony?

    Very Peri for Prom

    If you are looking for a timeless outfit for from, choosing the veri peri color seems exactly right!

    This very distinctive color will assure you to stand out, especially because it is not seen everywhere. You will for sure have a very special outfit if you go to this unique occasion wearing Very Peri.

    The choice of which Son de Flor dress to wear for this is completely up to you! All our Very Peri Dresses can fit the occasion and will go perfectly with any of your favorite styles and aesthetics.

    Very Peri Outfits Son de Flor

    Final Thoughts

    We hope you found some Very Peri outfit ideas that will fit your style and mood, and that you are loving this adorable color as much as we do!

    Don’t hesitate to share your styles and outfits with Son de Flor Very Peri linen dresses with us on social media, we would love to see them.