Fall Linen Clothing 24': Welcome, Dear Fall!

The past few years have been a real challenge for many of us with so many dynamic shifts affecting every and each of us! Together it seems that we are counting time not by the minutes anymore, nor even hours, but by weeks, where months are changing one another so fast that it’s hard to stay in tune with all that's going on. 

It’s natural that in such circumstances we are looking for ways to slow down and regain our breath a little. That’s one of the reasons why this Fall and Winter season Son de Flor has chosen to focus on sophisticated iconic styles inspired by the 50s era, bursting with elegance AND assuring that this shall stay and resist the ever hasting passage of time!

Fall Linen Clothing

This Fall and Winter season be ready to meet a few new icons we know will stay with Son de Flor for many seasons to come, including our fit-and-flare V-neck Diane Dress, high waist straight cut Stella Pants, double layered crop Stella Jacket and a light heavy linen Victoria Coat. With every new style entering our assortment, we stay loyal to iconic silhouettes and timeless elegance.

Fall Linen Clothing

We are happy to introduce a new shade of Emerald Green and stay loyal to the royal duo of Black Pansy & Red Poppy. Can’t wait to mix and match all the classic Pansy Blacks and Milky Whites!  We’ve added an iconic Brown Checkers pattern. For the third season in a row, we’ve worked along with a talented illustrator Taryn Night in the creation of a gentle and feminine Whimsy Garden pattern, full of pink and red shades,  to warm up our cold season. Can’t wait to see how you all react to our new Black Pansy linen in herringbone weave.

Fall Linen Clothing 23

We would love to put extra attention to our Victoria Coat, that comes in both, in light and more heavy, linen for the ever chilling days of Fall. Without a special intention, however the wool coat fits perfectly all of our tailored bodice linen dresses and skirts! From now on linen layering for the cold season becomes even easier!

Fall Linen Clothing Collection

We’ve also added so many new options for embroidered collars! From whimsy mushrooms silently whispering wisdom to your ears, to ripening hazelnuts and gold meadows! Increased options for Classic Dresses and Shirts, but also both Sophie Dress and Shirt with a detachable collar option! 

Fall Linen Clothing 2023
And finally, each Fall and Winter we re-introduce your favorite iconic Wool Sweaters. We’ve never had so many color options before, from Charcoal Grey to Red Poppy and gentle Pink. It also comes in ankle length and crop options. And a few different and creative accessories to finish your looks!
Fall Linen Clothing 2023


In the world full of Constant Change, may we slow down a little, let the change rest for a while & choose to be the constant!

Happy Fall! Love, Son de Flor