When To Wear Linen? What's The Best Season for Linen Clothes

If you’re new, there is a chance you might wonder when to wear linen?

Sometimes people can get a little bit confused at first because sometimes linen can be used as an umbrella term for all kinds of fabric. This is due to its long history that goes back thousands of years. 

Even though it is one of the oldest fabrics, people can’t seem to get their love off of this elegant material! It is made out of a strong and sustainable plant called flax.

Linen also dries faster than other standard fabrics like wool and cotton, making it an excellent option for sails and ship ropes.

When it comes to clothing, fabrics like linen take more time to process, unlike raw fleece and cotton which only require to be washed before spinning. You will need to separate the fiber from the woody stems first before starting with the process of turning it into the fabric. 

Linen is a breathable material, making it an excellent fabric to wear during hot weather.

Unfortunately, this leaves most people thinking that it is not meant to wear during other seasons of the year. If there’s a way to wear your sophisticated linen pieces when the temperatures go down, you would love that, isn’t it?

When to wear linen

Is Linen Only for Summer?

This is a common myth about linen, and it is not true. Apart from being a stylish and enduring fabric, it is versatile in many ways and wonderful for colder seasons.

Linen is thermo-regulating. While its breathable feature allows you to be cool when it is warm, it can also be insulating when the weather is cold.

It may not be as warming as other thicker materials out there, but it has its way of keeping you comfortable with its rich texture.

Clothes of linen can be extremely lightweight and look exceptionally beautiful when worn. You can pair it with other materials and layer it to bring extra warmth to your body. 

Additionally, these are the tips you can follow so you can finally stop wondering when to wear linen:

1. Layer Linen With Jackets

This is one of the easiest things to do to maximize the use of your linen pieces when the weather starts to get colder.

Adding jackets or cardigans maintains the modesty and femininity of linen while keeping warm and cozy.

This also leaves you endless ways to do something more creative with your outfits. Depending on your pairing, you can make your linen dresses and shirts look casual or formal with a simple addition of a warm top.

Layer Linen With Jackets

2. Wear Tights Underneath

Whether your linen clothes are trousers or dresses, you can try wearing tights underneath them to keep your lower body warm during fall and winter. It is a simple trick, but it makes a big difference!

Some tights come in various styles and designs, which can help elevate your clothes to make them look more appropriate for colder weather. 

Wear Tights Underneath

3. Add Layers Under Your Top

If the cardigan goes over your linen clothes, you can also add layers underneath your top.

You can wear a long-sleeved inner layer for your sleeveless dresses and shirts to keep your arms warm from the cold breeze. You can also use it to add style to your linen pieces — whatever you like!

Choose a monochrome option to avoid patterns clashing on your outfit. You can never go wrong with plains as long as you wear them sophisticatedly.

Add Layers Under Your Top

4. Use Accessories

If your linen clothes are already warm enough for the cold weather, but you feel like there’s something else you can do to liven up your look, try adding accessories.

The options are endless — from boots, fancy shoes, and scarves! These small additions can add so much to your outfit and make it look more perfect for fall and winter.

If you used to keep your linen pieces deep in your closets in colder months, you are missing out. 

Use Accessories for Seasons

What Season Should Linen be Worn?

Linen does not have only one season appropriate to be worn, it has proven to be perfect for any weather and time of the year!

You can easily enjoy linen for the hot days and layer it stylishly during the chilly months of winter.

When deciding how to wear linen when it’s already cold outside, you should also consider the blend of the fabric.

The linen and wool blend is something that can really become one of your favorites on romantic autumn evenings and frosty winter mornings!

You can pair pieces with your favorite cardigans or scarves with your romantic dress to make it more appropriate for the dropping temperature!

Always remember to dress reasonably for the season no matter what styles of clothes you are into at the moment. 

One thing you should expect with linen clothes is creasing and wrinkling. This is a part of its remarkable attributes that you’ll love.

If you want to get rid of the wrinkles, you can try ironing linen before wearing them. To do this:

  • Set the iron to the highest level of heat and turn on the steam;
  • Place a damp cotton towel or t-shirt over the linen garment and start ironing.

This technique will prevent the fabric from getting scorched. Appreciate the pressed linen look for a couple of minutes, then enjoy its natural creases and changing wrinkles for the rest of the day.

On a side note, it is essential not to put boundaries on when to wear linen. There should be no rules on how you want to dress!

If you want to wear your linen pieces only during the Summer, then good for you. If you want to wear it all year long, that’s fine too! There are many ways in which you can make this possible without compromising your comfort. 

When To Wear Linen Clothes?

Whether you are a new lover of linen or have been adoring it for a while now, here’s a brief guide on when to wear linen in different forms of clothing:


Most linen shirts are made thin with a sophisticated look that will never make you look overdressed or underdressed.

Layering your linen shirts with other garments on top is always the answer for any season!

People also wear linen shirts on the beach or at summer parties where there is little emphasis on dress codes, and all you want is to feel fresh and comfortable.

Linen is also absorbent. It will help you keep yourself fresh and relaxed throughout the day as it absorbs sweat off up to 20% of its weight. 

Shirts for Seasons


Linen pants are versatile. It covers your legs, making it perfect to wear in any season.

In the Summer, we recommend you opt for lighter shades of linen pants. It is usually densely woven and has high contents of SPF. It protects your skin from sun rays that do not penetrate clothes of light colors.

During Fall and Winter, we recommend wearing and styling linen pants of darker colors. Aside from being more appropriate for the colder months, dark colors can also retain heat.

There are linen pants that are heavier than the others, making them a good source of warmth.

For Springtime, linen pants are great for the changing climate. It works well when the temperature is high or low.

If you have a couple of these in your closet, you can never go wrong with them every season. 

Linen Pants for Different Seasons


Linen blazers are suitable for all seasons. Due to its lightweight and breathable fabric, it will work well if you want to achieve a chic formal look in the Summer. It works well during the Spring and the Fall when the temperature is not that cold.

However, it might not be the best heat source in the middle of the winter. You can always wear one when you are inside an insulated structure, but it would not give you enough warmth once you step outside in the freezing weather.

Linen Blazers for Different Seasons


Dresses are great for all seasons as well. You can style it based on the current climate by adding accessories and pieces of clothing.

During the Summer, wearing it alone is fine because most linen dresses are made specifically for summer use: sleeveless, lightweight, and breathable!

During the Fall or Spring, you can add tights underneath the dress to keep your legs warm from the cold breeze. You can also layer the top with long-sleeved inners, sweaters, and cardigans to make it more appropriate for the cold. 

Linen Dresses for Different Seasons


It depends on the weight of the material and its length when determining when to wear linen skirts. If the skirt is short and thin, it is best to wear it during the Summer. If you want to wear it in the colder seasons, you can add tights to keep your legs warm and comfortable. 

Linen Skirts for Different Seasons


Jumpsuits may be harder to style for others. Even though it provides more coverage, you can still comfortably wear it during the hotter seasons because it keeps the skin cool.

When the weather gets cold, you can layer a cardigan over it or a long-sleeved shirt to keep you warmer. 

Linen Jumpsuits for Different Seasons


There should be no limitations on wearing linen. No matter the season, you should feel good enjoying your linen pieces and be comfortable in your way!