Lithuanian Linen: Main Reasons To Choose

Lithuanian Linen is a well-distinguished European Linen known for its quality and luxurious beauty.

It is one of the most sought-after fabrics worldwide, thanks to the long and strong fibers in the flax produced within Lithuania.

Indeed, if you are eager to know more about why you should choose Lithuanian Linen and how it can bring sophistication to your wardrobe continue reading!

We will tell everything we know about it.

Lithuanian Linen

What Is Lithuanian Linen?

There are many kinds of Linen worldwide, but European linens are perhaps the most desirable.

Linen is a fabric produced from flax, a lovely plant with blue flowers. The main thing that differentiates the material these plants create is the location in which they are growing.

The environment in most European countries provides excellent significance in the kind of linen fabric produced in these areas. They have far richer soil due to their damp ocean climate.

This affects the flax and makes them produce longer fibers. Usually, these fibers used to make linens can reach up to three feet high. 

Such climatic conditions are challenging to achieve in other countries, which is necessary for producing strong and high-quality flax fibers. Hot and dry climates are more likely to have shorter flax fibers, affecting the Linen quality.

When looking for good quality linen products, you can make the most of your money from the ones made from Lithuanian and other European linens.

They have more lustrous fibers and give better quality to your beloved pieces. 

Choose Lithuanian Linens

Why Should You Choose Lithuanian Linens?

Wearing linens provides a unique sense of luxury to your outfit. Despite being simple, anyone wearing such pieces can instantly look elegant. There is something about it that stands out from other kinds of fabric.

It is known that Lithuanian linen pieces can be pretty expensive, but it's best to treat them as investments because they last for a long time and can be worn in any season. Yes, Linen is all that and even more!

Aside from these factors, these are the reasons why choosing Lithuanian Linen will be one of your best decisions:


Lithuanian Linen is an incredible choice when you prioritize sustainability.

One thing you should know about Lithuanian flax is that the plant does not take that much water. This saves farmers energy, irrigation, and fertilizers that can be used instead of other crops.

They do not require pesticides, fungicides, and herbicides to thrive in damp climates. In some cases, chemicals used in farms reach the water people drink in local towns and lead to several health issues. During harvest, almost all parts of the flax are used for different purposes other than linen production. 

Linen pieces have a longer lifespan and can last years when cared for properly. When they are already well-loved and ready to be replaced, you don't have to worry about them contributing to the world's pollution because they are biodegradable.


Since the 2nd century, Lithuanians have been producing linen work full of beautiful and rich textiles. They have been trading their work ever since the 16th century, which is why they are known for their fine-quality linen pieces.

Its quality has something to do with their flax's growth. They are usually three times taller than most fabrics made in other countries. Ireland exports the most flax supplies, but Lithuanian fibers are known for having the best quality in the business. 

Durable and low maintenance

The optimal weather conditions in Lithuania have caused their flax plant to produce higher-quality fibers that are strong and durable.

Linen can be thicker than cotton and 30% stronger than other fabric types. It is also one of the oldest fabrics in the world, and even the ancient times of Greece utilized its durability in its armor.

The durability of this material is what ensures long-term use. You can make this your family heirloom and pass it down through generations.

That is how durable Lithuanian linens are. It can be incorporated into your fond memories and allow time to be the keepsake of your sentiments.

Century of expertise

Lithuanian Linen is unique and cannot be duplicated by other countries easily.

Aside from the distinguished climate conditions that caused flax plants to produce higher quality fibers, the years of knowledge and experience allowed the perfection of its processing. 

Lithuanians have been doing it for more than a century and have passed down the skills through generations. 

Amazing health properties

Unlike other fabrics, Linen is naturally hypoallergenic and has antibacterial properties. It doesn't cause skin irritations, which makes it ideal for wearing for all ages.

Anyone can wear linen in different seasons. It may look thin and quite crispy, but it makes an excellent breathable piece in the summertime. It can provide insulation when layered with your favorite warm clothes to keep you comfortable during the winter.

Another thing you will love about Lithuanian Linen is that it dries fast. This needs to give bacteria and germs more time to grow.

Lithuanian Linen Pieces

 Different Kinds Of Lithuanian Linen Pieces

When shopping for Lithuanian linens, you can be overwhelmed by the number of pieces available. They may come in plain solid colors and attractive patterns.

Linen pieces are great gifts as different people will surely appreciate their specialness. 

Linens are subtly luxurious and give off sophistication at first glance. Here are the pieces that you should get out of this fantastic material:

Linen scarves

Linen scarves are more affordable and easier to give as a gift. You can choose either plain ones or those packed with patterns that any receiver will surely love. They make great additions to winter layering and act as accents to one's overall outfit.

Linen pajamas

Who doesn't love good sleepwear? Linen pajamas are an excellent choice for a breathable nightie that helps with a good night's sleep. It can be a lounging dress or a two-piece set that you can get from your favorite stores. 

Linen clothing

There are many kinds of linen clothing that you can get to give an elegant touch to your wardrobe. You can choose trendy or classic designs that are proven timeless and last for generations.

Lithuanian linens can provide both types, but you can get the best version of this fabric in casual styles.

They are supposed to embody comfort and flowing designs so you can take advantage of the effects it gives when doing specific body movements.

With linen clothing, you can make your cottagecore dreams come true and live a life of elegance, sophistication, and peacefulness. 

Linen tableware

You can also use Lithuanian Linen for things other than clothing, such as tablecloths, coasters, napkins, and more.

They provide an excellent texture to any table setting, especially if you seek a more rustic look. Linen works fantastic for different patterns and complimentary colors you want to add to your dining ambiance. 

Linen bathrobe

Nothing is better than going out of the shower and being welcomed by a good linen bathrobe. The soft fabric can help dry your skin almost instantly while keeping you comfortable and warm.

Linen sheets

There is something luxurious about having linen sheets. You can get yourself an accent linen piece or get the whole set of a duvet cover, top sheet, fitted sheet, and line pillowcases.

Sure, the price alone, which can reach up to 500 EUR, can make you think twice if it is going to be a worthy investment, but imagine the peaceful nights you will have with these.

Any pieces made of Lithuanian Linen will always be a worthy purchase. They are temperature-regulating, easy to maintain, softer in time, and just as beautiful as you imagine. 

How To Take Care Of Lithuanian Linen

How To Take Care Of Lithuanian Linen?

High-quality linen is durable, but it is still best to know how to maintain them for your favorite pieces to last longer properly. 


You can wash linens with both hand and machine wash. They do not shrink or get easily stretched with extra pressure.

The general rule for washing applies to them:

  • Separate whites from colored linens. Wash them separately from other fabrics if you can.
  • Wash preferably in lukewarm water, which is not higher than 30°C or 86°F. High temperatures may cause the fibers to weaken and even shrink up to 10%.
  • When using a machine, choose the gentle cycle and do not overload.
  • Only use gentle detergents. Never use bleach and fabric softeners on it.
  • For hand-wash, use the same rules and avoid stretching, scrubbing, or twisting the fabric.
  • Rinse the linen fabric until the water runs clear.

Removing stains

Stains on Linen are usually easy to remove. However, it would require more effort when the stain is absorbed deep into the fibers.

You can soak the garment in water detergent or wash it with a club soda. A gentle massage with some dish soap can also help remove stubborn stains.

If the stain is trickier than usual, use vinegar or baking soda before rewashing the fabric. 


Do not dry your linen pieces under direct sunlight, as it may affect the fabric's color. You can have them tumble dry on low heat or lie flat on a surface while waiting for the garment to dry.

Ironing and storing

Lithuanian linens can be wrinkly when used. It is one of their natural characteristics.

If you don't enjoy this trait, you can iron them under medium heat while it is still damp. It would be best to overlay it with a damp towel to avoid scorching the fabric. 

Always store your linens only when they are completely dry to prevent molds from growing within the fibers. Keep them in a cool, dry place that does not receive direct sunlight.


Lithuanian linen is one of the best types of fabric that you can incorporate into your timeless wardrobe.

They embody elegance and peacefulness, perfect for any sophisticated woman anywhere in the world.

We hope you will trust us with your linen pieces because linen is in our blood.

Love for it passes from generation to generation!