Benefits of Wearing Linen: Why Do People Love It?

For thousands of years linen fabric rules the textile world starting with the lower class everyday clothing, especially undergarments, due to its superior durability, to the upper class, monarchs, noblemen, and women of ancient society, such as priests, pharaohs, and royalties across different civilizations and cultures.

Linen has been in use and in style ever since, adapting with time, change and innovation.

Nowadays, you might wonder how this ancient fabric continues to exist and remain competitive with today's modern textiles and clothing materials. We could mull over the outstanding benefits of wearing linen which you have to see almost anywhere and everywhere.

10 Benefits of Wearing Linen Clothes

Top 10 Benefits of Wearing Linen Clothes

We really want to share with you 10 most wonderful benefits (from the endless list) that this magical fabric, linen, can offer from what we have experienced that make it so sought-after for thousands of years.

1. Highly Absorbent and Breathable 

People love linen because it is highly absorbent and breathable to wear, especially when the temperature gets hot and humid.

Breathable linen clothes have the center stage and the spotlight during the summer season because linen fabric has these exceptional properties perfect for the season.

Nevertheless, linen is wonderful to layer with during the colder seasons and weathers, frosty spring mornings, snowy winter days and chilly autumn evenings.

Linen fabrics are scientifically tested and proven to be highly absorbent due to their molecular structure, allowing their hollow-shaped fibers to absorb up to 20% of their weight in moisture before any exposure of moist or wetness resurfaces to be seen by the naked eye.

In other words, your linen shirts will not feel as damp to touch, and the fabric will absorb most of the unpleasant scent if there is any because linen rapidly wicks the moisture away. 

In the same fashion, it allows more airflow into your body, giving your linen clothes a chance to breathe, feel airy, and comfortable to wear. With this, it is just like wearing a natural ventilator with an efficient and active cooling system all day long!

2. Ultimate Comfort and Moisture-Wicking Properties

Linen dresses, linen pants, and linen beddings keep the moisture away from our bodies, they are extremely moisture-wicking.

Because of this, it is so relaxing to wear linen garments as they keep you feel comfortable and cool in hot weather.

Notice how your linen shirt or linen dress still looks fresh and comfortable though you have been out all day walking in the part or the beach. This is because linen instantly absorbs your body sweat and moisture as much as 1/5 of its total weight before you feel damp due to perspiration.

Linen having these magical powers instantly wicking away moisture prevents linen fabric from sticking or unpleasantly wrapping your body, and at the same time, getting rid of chances of having sweat patches that can create a slight discomfort.

3. Durability and Longevity

Linen is one of the most robust natural fibers used in clothing textiles worldwide- ranked second to silk and evidently 30% stronger than cotton based on a published article.

Thanks to the strength of flax fibers threaded inside linen fabric, the main element responsible for giving linen fabric this ability to endure the test of time.

In reality, any cotton clothing could last for a season or approximately 5 years maximum, but linen clothing goes beyond one season and one decade.

In fact, with proper care and washing, it could even last for up to 30 more years or past your lifetime. That is why purchasing linen for a business like most five-star hotels and high-class restaurants felt they got a worthy investment in the long run, not just for its natural beauty bringing out a classic elegance but for its long-lasting lifespan.

Likewise, linen beddings or clothing won't lose their shape and beauty after vigorous and multiple washing cycles compared to other fabrics. As it happens, linen gets softer and softer to the skin over time.

Subsequently, this is probably one of the best benefits of linen that ancient and modern people love - it can last more than a generation!

Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Linen

4. Eco-Friendly and Sustainable

The growing awareness across the world of the negative impact of climate change encourages most of us to purchase and choose eco-friendly and sustainable clothes and products.

Good thing linen is one of the greenest and the most sustainable fabrics around! Beginning from its source, the flax plant which can grow in poor-quality conditions with less water and no fertilizers required to cultivate.

Since during the growth and production of linen, process requires little water, the process is very environmentally friendly and cost-effective than the production of cotton.

In addition, all the parts of flax plants can be utilized to complete various products such as oil or food- the perfect example of zero-waste management in one life cycle.

As a finished linen product, it is entirely and totally biodegradable as well; it takes around 2 weeks for our linen dress to biodegrade in soil being a certified big win for Mother Nature and a greener fashionable choice for everyone.

5. Temperature-Regulating Properties 

This is one of the benefits of linen that makes it quite competitive with today's modern synthetic fabrics.

This innate and natural characteristic of linen makes it a natural insulator and natural ventilator at the same time.

Linen has been the ruling staple wear during the summer for over millennia up to this day.

Have you noticed that most people preferred wearing linen clothes during the fall and winter seasons these past years?

The popular comeback of linen as the no. 1 clothing material choice for fashion designers, manufacturing or textile industries, and the consumers' taste to shift from cotton to linen began by the end of the 20th century.

The fashion taste preference of most people began to turn when they finally realized that the other fabrics like cotton and wool will keep you warm at first and bring out more body sweat, giving way for sweat patches to appear noticeably.

On the contrary, linen will keep a comfortable temperature around your body, keeping you warm and releasing the excess humidity and heat away for an airy and cozy feeling all day or night long!

That is why we dare to state that linen is one of the best fabric materials to wear for all seasons and why linen beddings are the ultimate choice for achieving the best sleep every night all year round.

6. Versatility

Have you noticed that only your favorite linen dress or linen ensembles achieved an effortless elegance perfect for any occasion?

Imagine wearing a classic-cut linen dress on your way to your favorite bar for the evening after a day working in your office.

No other clothing material could carry you from a day out and into the night as elegant and casual as linen can!

With this, there is no doubt that linen is the perfect choice to take on your next holiday vacation, family event, office party or a brunch date.

For sure, it can complement whatever is the season and the occasion. Have a look at linen collection - a wonderful companion for travel with and the ideal partner for business or work since all garments are designed to feel comfortable to wear all day long!

Son de Flor's linen collection perfectly combines the versatility of linen with timeless designs and cuts, making each piece easily mix and match with other components in your already-existing wardrobe by using natural core colors in nature.

Because of all the properties of linen - temperature-regulating and moisture-wicking, wearing and styling, it is not limited to a specific season.

In fact, linen clothes and beddings can keep you both cool and warm. A great way to upgrade your wardrobe is choosing timeless, elegant linen clothing.

Simply because you can wear it comfortably during the summer and layer it stylishly by winter - saving you the overall yearly clothing budget and space in your wardrobe.

Low-maintenance linen

7. Low-Maintenance

Linen is often referred to as luxury fabric, but it does not require any special treatment, it is the exact opposite of that, as linen is easy to care for.

Of course, like any other fabric, there are notable things to remember when cleaning, washing and drying to prolong its life and prevent any shrinkage or damage after washing it.

One of the primary reasons most people have loved linen clothing since immemorial times is that linen does not require ironing, its wrinkles can be so charming and natural.

Simply because being relaxed and having creases is a part of the character and beauty of linen clothing's overall appearance.

8. Health Benefits

Surprisingly, linen has beneficial attributes for everyone, especially those with allergies and skin problems.

Linen is the no. 1 staple for sensitive people because it is hypoallergenic and has anti-bacterial and anti-lint properties.

Linen primarily solves everyone's dilemma during the summer in correlation to heat, body sweat, body odor and skin sensitivity.

Not to mention, since moisture swiftly evaporates in linen fabric, there is no chance for any bacteria or fungi to breed, making linen fabric the no. 1 choice for people with sensitive skin or allergies.

9. Natural Insect-Repelling Agent

Another surprising characteristic of linen is naturally repelling insects and moths to get in your fabric or clothing.

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Benefits of Linen Wedding Dress

10. Products Designed for Fashionable and Healthy Purposes

The aesthetic appeal of flax being available in natural colors and the way it can be dyed easily into different shades and colors can be created by various fashion designers into fashionable, beautiful designs.

Not to mention, linen has been a host of varieties depending on your need, such as linen bed sheets, towels, and curtains responsible for creating a healthy environment of wellness at home for everyone- all ages, sizes, and gender across the world.

In fact, linen has antistatic properties accountable for protecting our homes and bodies from electrostatic buildup and significant radioactive accumulation.

We now live in a world of innovation and modern technology that helps us cope and adapt to everyday living.

Final Thoughts

We hope you have found something new about benefits of wearing linen and all its fantastic qualities which are beloved by women, men, and all the little ones.

There is no doubt if you have decided to invite a timeless linen piece or go all linen from your wardrobe to your home essentials, it will be a wonderful investment.

May linen rejuvenate you and redecorate your home into ultimate comfort, wellness, and sustainable fashion all year round!

"I am going to make everything around me beautiful. That is going to be my life." - Elsie de Wolfe