All About Our Dress

Thank you so much for choosing Son de Flor! We hope our sustainable and timeless garment will serve you for many seasons to come and bring joy, confidence as well as unforgettable memories whenever and wherever you go! Let’s explore a few details that make your choice so special!

Son de Flor

Son de Flor story

‘Our story started from one beautiful dress we used to see our mother wearing on many occasions when we were little girls. Having grown up in Lithuania, a small country near the Baltic Sea, we replicated this iconic dress from the fabric we loved the most - linen and called it a Classic Dress. The dress became the foundation for our timeless, slow and sustainable fashion brand which you now know by the name of Son de Flor.’ - Vaida & Indre

Linen heritage

Son de Flor is based in the small country of Lithuania, near the beautiful Baltic Sea, where linen holds a rich heritage for generations. As a nation, we have long excelled in the art of flax cultivation and linen production, passing down our craftsmanship and cultural significance through the ages. Today, Lithuania remains renowned for its high-quality linen, with a blend of tradition and innovation. Our country's commitment to sustainability also aligns with global eco-conscious fashion trends, making Lithuanian linen a symbol of both heritage and environmental responsibility.

Materials we work with

All our linen garments are made from 100% linen, which is produced locally in Kaunas, Lithuania, in an OEKO-TEX certified production factory called Klasikine Tekstile. They adhere to EU standards of transparency, requirements, and regulations. Son de Flor wool textiles for knit sweaters come from a small family-owned company based in Carpi, Italy, called Sorrentino Tessuti. All textiles come in small made-to-order batches with OEKO-TEX certification. Son de Flor wool textiles for outerwear are produced by TOMTEX S.A, a company based in Poland, dating back to the 19th century. Our underwear petticoats are made from G.O.T.S certified organic cotton produced by a family-owned production company, Tejidos Rebes, based in Barcelona, Spain, with origins dating back to 1955.

Unique details

It's a pleasure to tell you that all the small pieces for any Son de Flor linen or wool garment, including threads for sewing, zippers, labels, as well as paper tags, are produced in small companies located in Kaunas, Lithuania, complying with EU standards. Both the threads, zippers (excluding the plastic and metal parts), and labels are made from natural, recycled, or both fibers.

Son de Flor Red Linen Clothing

Garment buttons

Our linen garments come with either locally produced linen-covered buttons (we use our linen fabrics to cover the buttons for a perfect match) or recycled biodegradable buttons with an imprinted Son de Flor brand name. It's important to note that our branded buttons are not made from synthesized chemical elements such as polyester. Instead, they are made using natural raw materials – a surplus of milk protein (also known as 'Casein'). As these buttons are made from natural materials, they have a unique property of biodegradability, which is uncommon for standard buttons.


For your convenience, each Son de Flor garment has its measurements & size chart, where you will be assisted in choosing the best fit for your own needs. Find the charts near every garment just below the size options. If you are still in doubt, feel free to contact our customer support and we will provide additional details whenever needed for your confidence in your choice. Remember, there are no bad questions, only the ones that are never asked!

Our linen types

At Son de Flor, we mostly use standard weave linen or twill & herringbone weave linen. Classic linen is the thinnest, coming in 160 grams per meter, whereas twill & herringbone weave linens come in 320 grams per meter. Due to the thickness & weaving technology of linen threads, twill & herringbone weave linen is not see-through, whereas classic linen in 160 grams might be see-through in lighter colors compared to dark ones. For this reason, we always offer to play around with wearing skin-toned underwear or an extra layer such as a petticoat.

Pre-Loved garments

In case you outgrow your Son de Flor garment physically or emotionally, you are most welcome to send it back to us (we will cover shipping costs) to give it a second chance! For this effort, we will gift a 50 EUR gift voucher to choose another dress at Son de Flor while we find a new home for your retired dress. In a world that is overflowed with fashion products, we believe taking responsibility for each released garment is the least we can do to minimize the burden on our beautiful planet Earth! Return a dress and give it a new home here.


At Son de Flor, we can offer a personalized customization experience. For all who want an authentic Son de Flor linen piece, including our general styles in different colors or lengths, authentic sizing options, or unique attributes added to our classic assortment, we are always kindly inviting you to reach out to our customer care team. We are here to make your dreams come true! It might increase the cost a little and take some time, as in such a case we are producing your authentic one-of-a-kind linen piece from scratch, but we promise - it's worth the effort & wait! At least that's what our happy made-to-order customers are confessing!