If your timeless Son de Flor dress is hanging in your wardrobe unworn, you grew out of it emotionally or physically, please participate in Son de Flor Pre-Loved Dress project and send your dress back home so we find it a new owner. We decided to create this project because we care what happens with our timeless products. They should be serving their purpose - spreading beauty in the world. Also, we want to have an option for ladies who can't afford our current dresses or whose mindset only accepts the pre-loved garments.



At the moment, the Son de Flor Pre-Loved Dress project is meant only for Son de Flor dresses. Son de Flor will cover your shipping costs along with gifting a €50 Gift Voucher per each dress received! All received dresses will be cleaned, taken care of with love and available at the Pre-Loved Capsule in wait of a new owner.


Return costs are covered by Son de Flor. €50 Gift Voucher will be sent to you via e-mail as soon as your parcel drops into our hands. If you returning more than one dress, the Gift Vouchers will be accumulated. Your Gift Voucher is valid 365 days for all Son de Flor made assortment.



Please have in mind that as the shipping back home might take up to 10 working days, follow the instructions given by our shipping partners, to follow the location and timing of your parcel. What is more, the Gift Voucher is applicable for all Son de Flor made assortment, except the Gift Card.



We kindly ask for a little bit of patience with this project, as there might be situations that we could not foresee!
If you have any doubts or questions, please write us to returns@sondeflor.com.


If you have Son de Flor dress that is ready to be passed to another hands, follow the return process here.

Mai 07, 2021
Stichworte: Exciting news


Helen Freeston :

I adore your clothes but am on too tight a budget to afford them. I’d be so interested in buying a preloved dress. How do we register interest?


Great initiative!

Will all dresses regardless of style and condition be worth 50€? And what will be the retail price of the pre-loved items?

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